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THE BOOKS  In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate

My newest, A Woven Truth, Volume 3, brings forward the end times for all to ponder, from the minor signs to the major signs of the Day of Judgment and beyond to death, the grave, resurrection, and the only two possible ending of Divine Light or searing Darkness. See how it all ends... You know you want to! 

Volume 2 is a natural outcropping of Volume 1. There didn't seem to be a complete source for the all-important Islamic dynasties, and so scrap by scrap and piece by piece, it slowly evolved into a compelling and intact view of the dynasties that shaped the world as we know it.  From the Umayyads to the Ottomans, it gallops into the hearts, filling them with wonder and pride at the amazing accomplishments. This one will keep you on the edge of your seat...   

Volume 1 came about when perusing a history book used in schools all over the world, and realizing it had gaps the size of the Grand Canyon.  Neanderthals to Sumerians? What happened to the other seven thousand to thirty thousand years? And not a mention of the line of prophets through history? No, I had to do something, and this volume was my answer.  What I found when digging deep will surprise and amaze you, from the descent of Adam and the beginnings of the human race on earth, to the true peopling of the Americas by the Olmecs, and so much more. It's a refreshing read after all the glorification of fallen nations in the "other  history books".  Read on!

As for my first three books:
How do you put into words the raw emotion of transition from an earthly life to striving for the Divine?  This trio of books is my story.  "Unearthing Hidden Jewels" was my desire to know more about the struggles of our pious predecessors; "Interview with Death" came from a burning desire to know what awaits us at death and beyond; and "Between a Pyramid and a Hard Place" was my rather insane journey to Islam-this one is not for the faint of heart.  Any one you choose will stimulate and inform.  Enjoy!  


A Woven Truth  Volume 3

The Seeker's Guide to the Final Days of Man


A Woven Truth, Volume 3 puts these final days of our planet into perspective by illustrating through elaborate timelines how al of the minor signs of the Day of Judgment predicted over 1400 years ago have all come, and the major signs hang in the air, just waiting to alight.  This penetrating volume ends with a first-person description of death, the grave, and the Day of Judgment, and the final destinations of Paradise or Hellfire.

Vol IIjpeg.jpg

A Woven Truth Volume 2

The Seeker's Guide to the Islamic Dynasties


A Woven Truth, Volume 2 picks up where the first volume left off with lavish stories and enlightening narratives conveying the time through eighteen complex dynasties. From the Umayyads to the Ottomans, one will be gifted the splendor of the Golden Age of the Muslims (and the world!), the glittering excess of the Mughals, and the stark terror of the Mongols, and so much more.  Volume 2 is entertaining, informative, and revealing, shining a spotlight on the pivotal Islamic dynasties as they have never been seen before. 

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A Woven Truth Volume 1

The Seeker's Guide to Ancient Human History


A Woven Truth, Volume I takes a shaft of light from the Big Bang and weaves it through the gaps of this time.  Filling in the history of the living planet from the descent of our father Adam to Nuh and the Great Flood, it then continues its journey through the history around the prophets of the Abrahamic Faiths, all the way to Jesus. Sprinkled into the mix are stories of historical fiction, the collapse of the Bronze Age, and so much more.  It's all waiting to be uncovered with the flip of each captivating page.

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Fascinating book on Companions of the Prophet Muhammad and gems on the Golden Age of Islam
Unearthing Hidden Jewels
Captivating Stories of Companions of the Prophet of Arabia


Who doesn't love a great action movie, with its noble causes, good and evil, bravery and loyalty?  But, any story put out by Hollywood pales in comparison to the stories of the men and women who surrounded our Prophet (P).  These first of the converts to Islam searched for the truth, and their struggles are directly relevant to the resistance we meet today.  Their victories are the bedrock on which Muslims in this time build our enriching way of life.   This book will dispel any myths perpetrated by mainstream media and show the peace, kindness, and determination of the first generation of Islam.  

Throughout the book there are snippets about the

Golden Age of Islam with illustrations.

Illustrations by Tesneem Madani  

Where we go after death according to Islam
Interview with Death
A Handbook to the Hereafter


Only God knows the unseen, but He has left us step by step clues in the form of the Divine Scriptures as to what happens to us after death.  Remembrance of those steps is our greatest weapon in the struggle to hold onto the straight path.  This concise, realistic, first-person reenactment of the stages of death, the grave, the resurrection, and our eventual reward or punishment is that guided tour every human soul has a ticket for.  Get ready for the ultimate journey from Earth to the Heavens...may your quest be successful!

Illustrations by Linda "iLham" Barto (this one is contained in Volume 3 in its entirety) 

My journey to Islam through the Pyramids of Egypt
Between a Pyramid & a Hard Place 



You are invited to follow the adventures of a weary traveler on this ethereal trail, who threaded her life needle with an insatiable desire to find God.  Piercing any New Age idea she could find, she sewed them together until she believed she was a "High Master of Light" sent to Egypt to realign the energy sources there.  See how many times she can trip the stupid-o-meter in the red with political faux pas and religious blunders.  With the stone fortresses of Utah and Egypt as her backdrops, it's an odyssey you won't soon forget.   Don't worry, the ending is as comforting and full of grace as any in print. (As this one is out of print, please look for my fiction book, The Golden Hum of the Resonance of God, which contains this one almost in its entirety, but with a fictional slant. )

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