As we all know, our Mighty and Majestic Lord put a halt to all events for a while, as only He can.  Our lives were turned upside down, and the blessed month of Ramadan was as deep and stirring as any one fasting month before it as a result of the uncertainty around us causing us to have the certainty within us of the truth.   May Allah accept it from all of us, ameen. 


Here is an event for you.  Book number six is in the works soon.  It is a cool fiction piece about Muslim Sisterhood, the grace of death, nanotechnology, an Islamic tale of love, and more...   If you are up for a great "surprise" ending, keep watching for the release of "A Speck of God" (probably after Volume III). 


If there is a Volume I, then it stands to reason that there is a Volume II .  Yes,  and it is finally here.  It picks up where Volume I leaves off and covers the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and the righteous leaders after him, and then begins with the Islamic dynasties all the way through to the major one, the Ottoman Dynasty.   The excitement and discovery of the Golden Age of Islam and the world is covered beautifully and thoroughly in its pages.  



Before Covid struck, I was excited and grateful to have had a table at the yearly Islamic School League of America retreat as well as the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California's annual retreat.  It was a great chance to present this alternative history book to the principals and leaders of Islamic schools all over the country.  



Once the masjids are up and running again I should be able to book some time to present to my community.  May Allah open our doors again, ameen.


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