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Archaeologists, scientists and researchers can present hominid (human like) bones going back to at least 2.4 million YBP, as well as tools and other artifacts.

They have many theories about the earliest ‘people’ and

what their culture was like.


We do know from the Quran, that Allah SWT created

Jinn before He created Adam. We know that Jinn can take human forms and can make and use tools – like the early ‘people’.  We know that dating methods can vary, and

while it is interesting to speculate on who, what, where,  when, and why….


We also know that Allah SWT has created many things

and beings that we do not know about. So we accept that there some ‘people’ before Adam and Hawa (Eve).


We also know that the descendants of Adam spread out

over the world, then they slowly ‘forgot’ what Adam had taught and fell into sin.  Allah SWT then ‘cleaned up’ with

the Flood.

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