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Grade 6 Social Studies

Quiz #2                                                                                                             Name



Dispersal of Nuh’s sons (Nuh descended from Adam) in different directions

  1. According to Ibn, Abas, Ibn Kathir, and Ibn Jawsi, “The three sons of Nuh were Sam, who was medium dark skinned, Ham who was very dark skinned, and Japheth who was very light skinned. Sam and family became the forefather of the Arabs, Persians and Hebrews, starting in Iraq and moving through Arabian Peninsula and Persia.  Ham and family went southwest to Africa and became Ethiopians, Copts, Sudanese and Berbers (who went on to the Americas). Japheth’s children went both east and west, becoming Romans, Turks, Russians and Chinese.”

  2. At-Tabari, famous Muslim historian reports: “The children of Sam settled between Yemen and Syria, Allah SWT made prophets, revealed books, and made them beautiful and Nuh gave them the uninhabitable earth. The children of Ham settled in the south, Allah SWT gave them black complexions luminous and free of blemish, and Nuh gave them the coast of the sea. The children of Japheth settled towards the North. They were light, fair skinned and Nuh gave them the desert and the fields.”

  3. Compare to Pearson History Textbook, which shows post-flood progression of civilization as - Sumerians (Sam) 3300-1900 BCE, Indus (Japheth) 2600-1900 BCE, Egypt (Ham) 2575-2130 BCE, China (Japheth) 1766-1122 BCE.


Which descendants of Prophet Nuh settled each of the following areas?


  1. Egypt ________________________________________

  2. Southeast Asia ________________________________

  3. China ________________________________________

  4. Indus Valley __________________________________

  5. Persia _______________________________________

  6. Africa _______________________________________

  7. Iraq/Iran ____________________________________

  8. Europe ______________________________________


  1. How did descendants of Prophet Nuh end up in the America? (Circle every answer that is reasonable)


  1. Swimming through the Straits of Gibraltar

  2. Migrating along the Bering Land Bridge

  3. Walking across the glaciers in the Arctic Circle

  4. Sailing from Africa to South America using the Atlantic Currents

  5. Sailing from SE Asia to the west coast of the Americas, using the Pacific Currents

  6. Walking over the Arabian Land Bridge from Malaysia to South America

  7. Sailing small boats along the coast from Spain to the Caribbean

  1. Why did Allah send the Great Flood? _______________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________

Grade 6 Social Studies

Quiz #1

Origins & Dispersal of Humanity                                                     Name ______________________________


Place the following events in the correct order by writing numbers 1,2,3,4 in the blank in front of the event.   (4 pts)

______________  Nuh’s children spread out and established civilizations

______________  People made statues to remember righteous men, then started worshiping the statues

______________  Adam’s descendants multiplied and spread out, farming became widespread

______________  The Flood came.

Which came first, in the Creation of the Earth? (circle the correct phrase or word)  (6 pts)

Oceans being separated from land  or       A cloud of smoke, which ‘came together’ (coalesced)

Animals or Adam                                                                 

Living beings in water       or      living beings on land


Plants                   or           animals


Water covering the surface of the Earth  or    grass growing on the land

 Children of Adam spreading out      or      the Flood

True / False – Write the whole word!!!

___________The rotation of the Earth provides us with the opportunity to use the night for rest and day for work.

___________ The Sun revolves around the Earth.

___________ The moon and sun provide us with ways to calculate time (days, hours, months, years).

___________ One rotation of the Earth takes 7 days.

___________ The Islamic calendar is based on the moon.

__________  The revolution of the Earth around the Sun provides us with seasons and weather.

___________ There is nothing provided by Allah to help us find directions for travel in the night.

___________ We can also use the moon and its shadows to find the direction to pray.

___________ A sundial can be used to count short periods of time and to find directions.

___________ In Michigan, the direction to pray is straight to the East.

Grade 7 Social Studies

Quiz #1                                                               Name


Match the son of Nuh to the areas he went to   (3 pt.)

1. Sam                      Africa (and on to Americas)

2. Ham                  Turkey, China, Rome, Asia & Europe

3. Japheth              Arabia, Iraq, Persia, Middle East

4. Indus Valley culture flourished in what is now parts of

a. Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India   b. China, Russia & Mongolia      c. Persia, Iraq and Syria


5. The cities of the Indus Valley, which were Harappa and Mohenjo Daro -were:

a. Small groups of farmers  b. Well planned    c.Very Primitive


6. The Indus Valley culture specialized in:

a. Livestock herding and farming  b. Gold Mining c. Trade and Metalworking


7. Descendants of Nuh settled further east along the Yellow River, developed the _____ culture

a. Anatolian   b. Shang    c. Egyptian


8. Hammurabi was descended from

a. Hud son of Sam   b. Ashur Son of Sam  c. directly from Adam


9.Hammurabi was a ruler of Sumeria, of the city of Babylon, in Mesopotamia. He developed a famous _______ which seemed rather Islamic

a. Code of Law  b. huge army  c. complicated system of water and sewers 


10. Farmers had settled in Indochina by about

a. 1000 CE    b. 1700 BCE     c. 5000 BCE

Grade 8 Social Studies

Quiz #1                                                               Name

I shared the information with _________________________________________________________

Match the son of Nuh to the areas he went to   (3 pt.)

1. Sam          Africa (and on to Americas)

2. Ham  Turkey, China, Rome, Asia & Europe, Russia (and into the Americas)

3. Japheth    Arabia, Iraq, Persia, Middle East

  1. Circle all the likely ways that the descendants of Nuh could have gotten to the Americas

Sailed down the Yellow River to China and traveled the silk road to North America

Followed Pacific currents from Southeast Asia and Micronesia to the west coast of the Americas

Sailed from England on the Mayflower

People migrated slowly over the Bering Land Bridge, a flat plain between Siberia and Alaska.

People ‘coasted’ small boats from Siberia to Alaska and down the western coast of North & South America.

People came from Africa, using the Atlantic currents.

People walked over the Green Land Bridge during the Ice Age

People ‘coasted’ from Northern Europe around Iceland, Greenland and on into Canada.


5. Circle 3 ‘proofs’ of connections between Africa and South America

1900 BCE Olmec cities looked like older cities in Mesopotamia & Olmec stone heads look African/Asian

Hookworms from Africa came to South America before 5000 BCE

Horses were brought from the Old World to the New World by the Colombian Exchange

Rubber used by the Olmecs was indigenous to Asia and Africa – not South America

Sugar Cane came from Indochina to Africa

Cotton was brought from Africa to South America 7000 BCE


Explain in your own words the connection between the Upper Peninsula and Crete (Minoans)

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