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Syllabus Term Goals Grade 6 World Cultures:

This course will allow students to learn about their world through applying the latest research and technology and by engaging them through civic involvement and literacy. They will learn how to create and read maps of the continents and individual countries.  The course will also guide students to recognize and respect both differences and similarities between their own world and others.

Term 1

Topic 1 “Introduction to Geography”

Topic 2 “The United States and Canada (North America)” “‘ Project with short research paper component ””

Term 2

Topic 3 “Middle America (Central America)”

Topic 4 “South America”

°° Project with short research paper component

Term 3

Topic 5 “Europe Through Time” (Western Europe)”

Topic 7 “Northern Eurasia (Russia)”

” Project with short research paper component “

Term 4

Topic 8 “Africa”

” Project with short research paper component “”



School’s Syllabus topics and dates in bold are followed by corresponding pages and information to be incorporated from A Woven Truth Volume 1.

Sat, Sep 12, 2020: Creation vs. science response:  In the beginning there was Allah and nothing else: Big Bang, page 22, and order of creation, page 26.

Tues, Sep 15, 2020: Who, what, where, when?: Pages 41-45: These are the earliest digs from around the world, from 14,000 BCE to 8,000 BCE, found after Prophet Adam and his wife, Hawa, had their many sets of twins to begin human life on this earth and one of his blessed sons Prophet Sheeth received his fifty scrolls.

Tues Sep 22, 2020: Tribe name:  Pages 31, 32, and 37: Prophet Adam was created from the various colors and textures of the soils of the earth, red, yellow, white, black, and brown.   Some soil was clean and some was not…therefore some of his children were clean and some were not… They became many tribes…

Thurs Sep 24, 2020: Native American mini project:  Page 51: Poverty Point and around the world. This was all happening in America at the time of Prophet Hud of Aad in Yemen, a tribe of the tallest, strongest men ever created and the first pure Arabs, 3500 BCE and Prophet Salih of Thamud, also tall and strong, and carvers of palaces in the sheer rock of the mountains, 2500 BCE, the prophets after the Great Flood of Nuh

Fri Sep 25, 2020: Ecosystem questions:  Page 71 Dot 5: Prophet Nuh and his sons repopulated the earth after the Great Flood between 6000 BCE and 4000 BCE. Sir Leonard Woolley, an archaeologist, in 1930 dug up mud from the flood in Ur in Iraq.  A ten foot layer of mud and silt that went on for miles lay between a very old civilization and a newer one built above the silt.

Sat Oct 3, 2020: Climate, ecosystem, and place: Page 176: The skull of a polar bear found in a cave on the Scottish Highlands showed that just before the descension of Prophet Adam, during the last Ice Age, the British Isles were covered with about a mile and a half of snow and ice. This wall of ice finally melted giving way to plant cover, making the land ready for humans between 15,000 BCE and 10,000 BCE.

Mon Oct 5, 2020: Migration and Urbanization:  Page 41-42 & 44: Digs from Turkey, the British Isles, South America, and the U.S. show that Prophets Adam and Sheeth and their descendants populated a wide area of the world between 14,000 BCE and 12,000 BCE.  Digs at Faynan Wadi and Jericho in Jordan dated 10,000 BCE to 9,000 BCE again, the possible time of Prophet Sheeth and his taking of leadership after the death of Adam, showed the progression to farming, shepherding, and the amazing change in the wheat rachis so wheat could be harvested by man. Everything from carved amphitheaters and copper smelting was found here. Prophet Sheeth’s time was the beginnings of the trial of music on earth.

Sat Oct 10, 2020: Topic 2 North American map:  Page 292: Between the time of Prophet Musa, the exodus of Bani Israel, and the drowning of the Pharoah, 1500 BCE and Prophet Dawoud and his slaying of the giant, Jalut, 1040 BCE the Adena and Hopewell cultures, the mound builders of North America, were flourishing in at least eighteen states of the U. S.

Sun Oct 18, 2020: Discussion Northern and Western Native Americans:  Page 293: Between Prophet Musa, the golden calf of idolatry, and the tablets of revelation given to him, 1500 BCE and Prophet Dawoud reciting the Zaboor with the birds and the mountains joining him, 1040 BCE these mound builders of America, complete with giant skeletons and carved pipes almost identical to Mayan art, were highly skilled in mathematics and surveying.  Many U.S. state names, city names, and Native American words in use today are from the ancient Turkish language.

Thurs Oct 22, 2020: Native North American Tribes:   Pages 261: An ancient Native American tribe, the Yamasee, obviously of the black race, fought the British in 1715 over the white slave traders in South Carolina, effectively ending the slave trade within the Native American population. Page 260 explores the time between Prophet Hud of Aad, as his people were swept away for their arrogance, 3500 BCE, Prophet Salih of Thamud and the slaughtering of the blessed she-camel and subsequent destruction of his people, 2500 BCE, and Prophet Dawoud and his sound judgement and making iron chain mail with his own hands, 1040 BCE. This was the time of the history of the native Mexican culture.  The people of Africa and the people of China and Japan mixed in Central America and then migrated north and south, as is evidenced by the Olmec heads carved around the time of Prophet Musa, 1500 BCE, with almond eyes and full lips.

Sun Oct 25, 2020: Puebloans and Mississippian Questions:   Pages 259 & 262: The ancient Dogon tribes of West Africa and their ceremonies are like a reflection in a mirror to the Hopi tribes in the western U. S. around the time of Prophet Dawoud 1040 BCE.   The “Anzick Child” a male skeleton found in the U.S. state of Montana dated 10,600 BCE, around the estimated time of Prophet Sheeth, was found to have DNA originally from Asia.

Thu Nov 19, 2020: Olmec Reading Check Q: Page 257: A flow chart of the Atlantic and the Pacific, which is timeless, shows that a boat put into the water from West Africa would be carried right to Central America. The same is true of a boat put into the water off the coast of China and Japan.  It would flow directly to Central America. These migrations have been recorded as early as 10,000 BCE, the time of Prophets Adam and Sheeth. Page 254 speaks to why the Bering Straits theory, still touted by some today is not feasible, and we know that the Africans and Chinese were both master shipbuilders. Page 179 & 50: In South America there is a site called Huaca Prieta in Peru dated 13,000 BCE, the Norte Chico Civilization dated 9210 BCE and the Chavin Culture dated 2000 BCE, spanning the time, pre-flood and post-flood, of Prophets Adam, Sheeth, Idris, who was the first to be given writing, Nuh, who called his people for 950 years before the flood, and Ibrahim, father of the three Abrahamic faiths. Page 180 shows that pyramids in Peru were built around 3000 BCE, around or before the Step Pyramid of Saqqara in Egypt, and around the time of Prophet Hud.

Mon Nov 23, 2020: Maya Reading Check Q:  Page 260 also mentions shards of pottery from Central America taken to experts in China. On observation, the experts asked what area of China they were found in. They were dumbfounded when they were told “Central America”.  The fascinating chain of the word “ox” is also illuminated here, with a connection from China to the Amazon to Semitic Hebrew.

Fri Feb 19, 2021: Stronger Tools During the Bronze Age: Pages 294-295 show a “copper connection” between Isle Royal in the middle of Lake Superior in upper Michigan to the Minoans of Crete from 10,000 BCE, the possible time of Prophet Sheeth, to 1500 BCE, the time of Prophet Musa.  750,000 tons of copper which was 99.5% pure was taken from this tiny island in Michigan back to the heart of the Bronze Age around the Mediterranean. Rock-cut images of Cretan vessels and a direct route from the Saint Lawrence Seaway from the Atlantic was found, winding through the Great Lakes and into Lake Superior.  Page 263 covers the collapse of the Bronze Age and the possible factors surrounding it in 1187.

Thu Feb 25, 2021: Ancient Greece Checkpoint Q:  Page 173: The post-flood history of the Minoans began around the time before Prophet Hud, 5000 BCE and ended around the time of Prophet Musa, 1500 BCE. They were the precursor for Greece and Western Europe right before the Bronze Age.  Page 173 also speaks to their elaborate political centers, water and sewer systems, and local trade with Egypt of wine, oil, grain, precious metals and ceramics and much more. 

Mon March 8, 2021: Ancient Rome Vocabulary:  Pages 306-318 carry a detailed timeline of the area of Rome and its surroundings beginning with 814 BCE up until the birth of Prophet Isa, born of the virgin Maryam, and sent to Bani Israel in 1CE. The Romans are highlighted in red throughout. A historical fiction story starting on page 319 would be valuable as a dawah tool. Pages 332-333 have a brief synopsis of Rome, Herod, Prophet Isa, taken up to Allah before the crucifixion, and Pontius Pilate.

Grade 7 – Eastern Hemisphere Syllabus states:

Course Description

    The first semester materials will cover geography, history and culture of the Eastern Hemisphere. Grade 7 Social Studies is a diverse course covering geography and how it shaped both past and contemporary societies. We will study physical, cultural and historical aspects of these societies.


Grade 7 – Eastern Hemisphere – Some foundational history to build on from A Woven Truth Volume 1.


Prophet Sheeth, 14000 BCE to 9000 BCE, son of Prophet Adam:

Pages 41-42: In the time between Prophet Sheeth and Prophet Idris, 7000 BCE to 6000 BCE, around 10000 BCE, scientists found the oldest domesticated wheat  again in Southern Turkey. What was fascinating to them was that before this date the rachis, a part of the stem which holds the wheat seeds in place changed around this time from one that dissolved on its own to one that stayed in place until man could harvest it. Also, farming and shepherding, and domesticated animals began for the human race. Page 50: Dated 8000 BCE two mounds were discovered in this same area called Catal Hoyuk, which covered 34 acres, had 18 different occupancy levels to it, and could hold anywhere from 3,000 to 8,000 people, and another mound was found in this area and time which was a paint workshop.

Pages 43-44: Also, a site called Gobekli Tepe, dated by modern day archaeologists as 9500 BCE in Turkey, was uncovered.  Its sleek pillars, and distinct figures of artistic perfection amazed all who saw them.  Every one hundred years an elaborate site would be buried and another would be put on top of it, this going on for 1500 years.  There are twenty buried sites all together, all built by skilled, trained workmen.

Page 41: A human habitation, the Berelikh site, was unearthed in Siberia, Russia dated 11000 BCE, and the Joman culture of Japan, dated 10500 BCE, was discovered complete with delicate pottery and shell mounds dated 8000 BCE. In Okinawa Japan an underwater city, Yonaguni,  dated 8000 BCE was found with flat-topped pyramids and turtle carvings.  The Joman DNA was found in tribes in Central and South America.

Prophet Idris, 7000 BCE to 6000 BCE:

Pages 46 & 113: During the time of Prophet Idris he was the first to be given writing, and the first to fight jihad. When he was forced out of Babylon with his few followers by the wicked followers of Qabil, son of Adam, he went southwest of Egypt, bringing the written word with him.  The city of Fayoum in the delta region of Egypt came into being around 7200 BCE. By 5000 BCE it was a lush paradise with an abundance of food, water, shade, fish, and wildlife.  Many in Egypt believe that Prophet Idris and the legend of Osiris were the same person.

Prophet Nuh, 6000 BCE to 4000 BCE:

Pages 59-69: There is much evidence of a world-wide flood with most countries in the world having a flood story in their heritage stories.

Page 55: Lineage from Prophet Idris:  Idris to Methuselah to Lamech to Nuh

Page 56: How did idol worship come to Mesopotamia, pre-flood? Between Idris and Nuh five righteous men lived and died, Shaitan whispered to the people to make sand statues and then stone statues to be reminded of their goodness, but the next generations after them forgot who they were and began worshipping the statues instead. Nuh was the first messenger sent against shirk. 

Page 60-61: First skull of Tsunami victim found and dated around 4000 BCE on island north of Australia; Black Sea was once a fresh water lake, but was flooded by a huge wall of water around 5000 BCE; dig in Ur found a 8-foot band of perfectly clean clay laid down by a massive flood around Nuh’s time and it went for 400 miles; there are fossils of ocean whales in Michigan, Vermont, Montreal, and pancake layers of sedimentary strata, different animal skeletons stacked one on another in mountains leading to the conclusion of a world-side flood.

Page 64: Along with Nuh and his sons, the ark carried 80 descendants of Adam, but only Nuh’s sons propagated mankind after the flood.


Prophets Hud and Salih, 3,500 BCE to 2500 BCE:

Pages 174-176: As Hud of Aad was exhorting his tribe of giants in Yemen to turn to their Lord, something happened around 3000 BCE, 5000 years ago, that, in 1991, turned the scientific community on its ear.  In 1991 two hikers in the Alps found a frozen body in a mountain stream.  It turned out to be a perfectly preserved mummy of a man of his time.  They were amazed at what they found…

Page 140: As the ark rested on Mount Judi, the new post-flood civilization spread from the time of Prophet Nuh to the land of Mesopotamia 4000 BCE (the time just before the Sumerians),  to the time of Prophet Hud and Salih, Egypt 3500 BCE to the Indus Valley 3300 BCE to China 3000 BCE.   The Indus Valley Civilization had a population of 5 million, with a very sophisticated water and sewer system, docks for trading vessels, the means of very precise measurements, dice, dolls, pull toys, frisbee discs, 3500 scripts of their language, and longboats, the design of which is still in use today, and a thriving dentistry trade.  An interesting note for India, page 48 shows that in the Gulf of Cambay pyramids, carved bull heads, and lion statues were found underwater there dated 7000 BCE.

China and the Yellow River Civilization also had ornate pottery, painted tortoise shells, and the pyramids built were very much like the ziggurats of the Sumerians. The Shang Dynasty of 1766 could have been the Chinese who sailed to Central America to mix with the West Africans to make the Olmecs.

Pages 51 & 178: Also in the time of Prophet Hud, around 3200 BCE, there was a massive mound built in a place called Newgrange in Ireland. Called a passage tomb for its many passages found, the mound covering a full one acre, is also surrounded by 35 smaller mounds, and there is a special window that is flooded with light on the winter solstice. 

Prophet Ibrahim, 2000 BCE and Prophet Ismail, 1900 BCE:

Page 158: The family tree of the prophetic line of Ibrahim shows names and dates all the way to Prophet Isa, 1 CE.

Page 139: Stonehenge was begun around the time of Prophet Hud, 3500 BCE, but the second stage was begun around 2000 BCE, and by this time there were metal tools used, most likely brought by traders over the Alps. As the stones for construction were found 150 miles away, they used log boats over the water to get them close and then stinging nettle ropes and wooden sleds with log tracts underneath to complete the journey.

Page 101: Ur, believed to be the birthplace of Ibrahim by most, and its surrounding area grew to a size of 80,000 around 2000 BCE. 

Page 108: When he spoke the truth to these idol worshippers, they built a great fire so hot they couldn’t get near enough to throw Prophet Ibrahim in, so they built a catapult and tossed this young boy into it.  It became cool for him.

Page 109: He went against the tyrant of his day from the long line of Nimrods of Babylon, and he won.

Page 115: He was in between the Old and Middle Kingdoms of Egypt

Page 116: He married Hagar, bringing us Prophet Ismail, the Hajj rituals, ZamZam, the most grueling of sacrifices, and the building of the Kaaba.

Prophet Lut, 2000 BCE:

Pages 136-137: Very interesting archaeological evidence for the complete destruction of Sodom.

 Prophets Yaqoob, 1700 BCE and Yusuf, 1600 BCE (also the time of Shu’aib of Midian, Ayub of Sham, and Dhul Kifl of Syria)

Page 160-161: This was also the time of Hammurabi and the Code of Laws, which seems to be a prophetic remnant of earlier laws given.

Page 163: Yaqoob marked the spot for the later temple of Suleiman after he had a dream on the land. His twelve children were called Bani Israel.

Page 171: An exact quote from a slab taken from a grave of a woman in Yemen who fell victim to the famine of Yusuf’s time shows the desperation many felt.

 Page 166: The king over Yusuf was one from a long line of Arab shepherd kings of Egypt from the land of Canaan.

Prophet Suleiman, 975 BCE:

Pages 278- 286: The truest of fairytales tells the amazing and blessed life of Prophet Suleiman.  He had power over the beasts of the earth and birds of the sky and knew their speech. He had power over the jinn and they built palaces for him in Persia and Syria, and dived the ocean for him. He subdued the wind so it took him wherever he wanted to go in the world, he built Suleiman’s Masjid, as he ruled over Bani Israel. He subdued Bilqis, the Queen of Saba’ and had the most excellent of judgement in all things.


Prophet Yunus, 800 BCE:

Page 298-299: The Assyrians had a god called Ashur, and one of the sons of Sam, son of Nuh was called Ashur. Also, there is an interesting brief history of the Assyrians from 3000 BCE to 800 BCE.

Page 300: There is a Neo-Assyrian renewal just before the time of Yunus, with trade spreading to the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Gulf, and the Red Sea.   Ashur Dan III was the king closest in time to Yunus, and rebelled against the rest of Assyria at this time.  He could have possibly been the king who repented from idolatry after Yunus left the town for the ship.

Page 301: Yunus warned his people but they turned away.  He warned them of a punishment to come and after he left them for the ship, a cloud hovered above his people and every man, woman, and child repented, but Yunus didn’t know this. 

Page 302: He was swallowed by the whale and made the most beautiful of duas…he was sent back to his people and they lived in peace for a while.

Page 303: Idol worship came back with the leader Tiglath-Pileser III around 745 BCE

Page 304: The Royal Library at Nineveh contained the richest tablet treasure of Mesopotamia.

Grade 7 – Civics syllabus goals and notes:

Course Description: This course will familiarize students with the basic framework and structure of our democracy. The institutions of local, state and federal governments will be introduced and discussed in various activities. Through reading, in-class assignments, independent study, and discussion, students will learn the basic tenets of our political system. Emphasis on citizenship, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, the three branches of government, civic participation, and public policy.


The following topics will be covered:

  1. Civic Life, Politics and Government

  2.  The Foundation of American Political System

  3.  The relationships of the United States to other   

               nations and to world affairs

  1.  The roles of the Citizen in American Democracy? 


A Woven Truth’s input regarding the blessed way that a leader of government should run the affairs for his people:

Page 167 Volume 1: Prophet Yusuf 1600 BCE – Vizier of the Famine

His titles: Yusuf Nafees or strong in preserving and Yusuf Akeem or possessing knowledge

His traits: Fair and just, so much so that one thought they were his only care at the moment. Patient and benevolent to be a Muslim and live and work with idol worshippers. Forgiving as he forgave all of his brothers for their tossing him into a well.

His skills to handle the famine of Egypt: economics, strategy, record keeping, knowledge of payroll, knowledge of land ownership, knowledge of transportation routes, knowledge of storage on a massive scale, knowledge of all dialects and cultures around him, negotiation skills, clear legislation, and ease of communication. That’s how you govern.


Page 271 Volume 1: Prophet Dawoud 1040 BCE – King/Prophet

His traits: Strength and courage – He slew the giant, Jalut.

Obedience – He was a busy king, but his fasts and prayers were most beloved to Allah.  He was wealthy beyond compare, but humble and grateful.

A great understanding of Islam – even as king, he only ate from the fruits of his own manual labor, and recited the scripture given to him, the Zaboor, every day, joining his melodious voice with that of the birds and the mountains. 

Sound and fair judgement – He ran his kingdom with these two traits and there was peace. On his death, he had tens of thousands of people follow his body to the grave.




Pages 279 – 289 Volume 1: Prophet Suleiman, son of Dawoud 975 BCE – King/Prophet

His traits: Strength and courage ; he fought any ruler for the sake of Allah, and subdued, in bloodless submission, the Queen of Saba and her army with his wile. He had a million troops from the humans, jinn, birds, lions, and many other creatures and he kept them under his supervision in perfect rows.  He commanded the Jinn to fashion brass for him to make large caldrons to feed the poor, dive into the ocean for treasures, and to build him palaces of glass and great cities for the people. He commanded the wind to carry he and his troops to war in far-off places.

Fair and just: Some of his judgments were even better and more well-thought-out than his fathers. He kept the peace between the very diverse nations under his rule.

Humble and grateful: His wealth and power never made him anything but grateful to Allah.

Intelligence: He made a dua when the Angel of Death came to him, “Oh, Allah, keep my death hidden from the jinn until the humans realize that the jinn do not know the unseen.”  He died while leaning on his staff and watching the jinn work and they kept working for a long time after his death until Allah sent a small worm of the earth to gnaw at the staff until his body fell down.  This was when the jinn knew they didn’t really have the knowledge of the unseen.  This kingly and prophetic lesson has been passed down through the ages for us to take heed.    That’s how you govern.


Pages 71 – 92 Volume 2: Prophet Muhammad ﷺ  610 CE – Prophet and Messenger

A selection of ten roles of our Prophet Muhammad ﷺ (there were many more) which made him the best one to govern all of mankind.

Seal of the Prophets: The message this Friend of Allah brought, the book he recited, was complete, perfect, livable and for all time.

 Teacher and guide: When the Qur’an came down to the Messenger ﷺ in their midst, suddenly there was a righteous, kind, man who knew what they needed. He brought them eloquent worlds of wisdom to live generous by. It opened their hearts in a way not felt before and they never wanted to turn back. He brought the right knowledge for every situation they faced. This is how you govern. Before long he had tens of thousands of followers hanging on to his every word, every movement, every decision, and all of his ways were perfect.

Conqueror of Hearts: A great leader of the Prophet’s ﷺ time, Thumamah bin Uthal, plotted to kill him, but was captured, tied to a pillar in the masjid for three days, and was fed and treated so graciously by the Prophet ﷺ  that he became Muslim. This is how you govern.

Father of the Ummah: He was also the father to all mankind and jinn. Many times, he stood in prayer weeping for his Ummah, and his greatest gift to us will be on the Day of Judgement. Every prophet was given a supplication or dua that was guaranteed by Allah to be answered. All used their dua in the lifetime. Only our Prophet ﷺ  saved his for his followers on that Calamitous Day. This is how you govern.


Defender of all: His strong stance in defense of women’s rights empowered many thousands of Muslim women throughout history to become scholars, transmitters of hadith, rulers of countries, advisors to kings, persistent mothers of the greatest scholars of their time, and guardians of good Islamic homes. This is how you govern.


Humble servant to the people: Big deeds can move mountains, but small deeds can move hearts. Our Prophet ﷺ  did both and did them perfectly. No Muslim man can say that he is above helping around the house. Our Prophet ﷺ , leader of all the prophets, mankind, and jinn, sewed his own clothes, milked the animals, helped his wives clean, took out the garbage, tended the children, and did all of this with gratitude.  This is how you govern.


Governor and leader: The Prophet ﷺ  had no palace or standing army, but he brought together warring tribes into a force to be reckoned with, all united under the banner of “La illaha ilAllah.” He loved intensely those he led so they followed him willingly, wherever he asked them to go.  This is how you govern.


General: Our Prophet ﷺknew the peace of Islam and believed that it was good for people. Contrary to popular belief, Islam was not spread by the sword, it was spread by the good character of those behind the sword. This is what truly conquered nations from China to Spain and beyond. He and his warriors were fighting to keep hope alive for us. This was the only chance for light, otherwise darkness would have overwhelmed the Earth. This is how you govern.


Statesman: As Ambassador of Allah and His religion, the Prophet ﷺkept peace between peoples. A Statesman’s first job is diplomacy with all. He has to find the good in every situation and bring that forth. He stands back and lets the truth shine forth into hearts without force or coercion. The “middle of the road” attitude of our Prophet         ﷺ  put not only hearts at ease, but nations. Being unselfish, listening until the other was finished, perfect manners (adab), and a truthful tongue earned him this role of Statesman.  This is how you govern.


Judge: Shariah means the path that leads to water-that which is essential for life. The Prophet ﷺ judged perfectly with the Shariah given him for his time and people, but the difference was that these rulings are still relevant today. Justice was a must for a stable community and society at large. The first task for the Prophet ﷺ was to get his companions connected to their Lord and the Hereafter, and when they were open and ready, then the laws of halal and haram came down in Medina.  This is how you govern.


Page 83: Volume 2: Ja’far ibn Muhammad as Sadiq, born 702 CE, Sixth Imam in the Shia sect, but well-loved by the Sunnis

His Traits: Humbleness, piety, and brilliance of mind.  A direct descendant of our Prophet ﷺ he became Imam of Medina after the death of his father and remained so for thirty-four years.  One time during a shortage of grain in Medina he asked his keeper how much of this grain his household had. The man answered that, “Alhamdulillah, they had enough to last several months.” Imam Ja’far instructed him to bring it all to the market and sell it to the poor. He then, out of humbleness and fear of Allah, bought just enough grain for his needs each day, as the poor did. This was the only way he could quiet his heart.  This is how you govern.


Pages 133-134: Volume 2: Umar ibn Abdul Azeez (717-720) Righteous leader of  the Umayyads

His Traits: Respected great grandson of Umar ibn al-Khattab, scholarly, humble, ascetic, intelligent, fair, principled, merciful, devout. His merciful and devout ways won their hearts and respect, as he gave them back their rights, his dissolving of tribalism made them content and more productive, and this filled the public coffers to overflowing with plenty. He shared this with his people, so much so that when the yearly zakat was collected, he had no one to give it to. He took the surplus and paid off everyone’s debts, helped the couples of the empire to wed, gave pensions to the Muslim and non-Muslim elderly, gave a portion to the prisoners along with a good education to pull them up, and then he built intricate road networks, deep and nourishing wells, sparkling fountains, and plush waystations for the weary travelers. When he finished with this and still had zakat to give, he had grain purchased with this money and spread it on the mountains for the birds and animals to have their fill.  This is how you govern.

Pages 322-324: Volume 2: Sulaiman the Magnificent 1520 to 1566 CE, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

His Traits: frugality, temperateness, dignity, was learned and intelligent. He was called “The Lawgiver” in Turkey because he set about streamlining the laws of the land to make them conform to Islamic Shari’a. Dynastic laws of taxes, the military, and rules for minorities were reconciled as well. Outdated or un-Islamic laws were eliminated, and the rest were carefully codified. These revised and updated laws served the empire for hundreds of years.

He began implementation of these laws by lowering taxes on the peasants, which brought an influx of people from Christian lands.  Sulaiman I himself led the army in no less than thirteen military campaigns. The troops behind him were magnificent. The Janissaries and their mounts were well-trained and impeccably disciplined. He also did work on the holy site of Mecca, respectfully building four theological schools for study.   Sulaiman the Lawgiver! Sulaiman the Wise! The Grand Turk! Great Power of the World!  These are titles given to him during his reign.  This is how you govern.


Pages 342-344: Volume 2: Abdul Hamid II 1876-1909, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

His Traits: Quotes from leaders of his time:

Abdul Hamid II was the last great leader of the Ottoman Empire. His contemporary, the English admiral, Lord John Fisher said of him: “He was the most skillful and quick-thinking diplomat in all of Europe.”

The German emperor, Kaiser Wilhelm II, stated about him: “I have learned the game of politics from Abdul Hamid.”

Otto Von Bismarck, the German chancellor, exclaimed of him: “Of all of the intelligence in Europe, 90% of it belongs to Abdul Hamid II, 5% belongs to me, and 5% is spread out in everyone else.”

He was well-educated, well-rounded, and had the gift of Islam which gave him an unshakable inner strength. He was a poet, designed his own furniture, and was trained in wrestling, which came in handy later during his many tussles with the enemies of the empire.  First, to show his humility, he left the lavish palaces and moved to a more modest living quarter. He also brought back the office of the caliph, believing it to be a sacred trust handed down from Abu Bakr, the first caliph. He immediately went about infusing the love of Islam back into the hearts of his subjects. He sent out delegations to get support from the Muslims worldwide, and through this he became the spiritual leader of the Muslims and was able to unite the Muslim majority under his rule.  The debt of 3.5 billion lire, which he inherited, was pared down to a mere 106 million, a reduction of 90%. When the Zionist delegation came to his court offering to pay down some of the massive debt in exchange for the purchase of Palestine for the Jews, Abdul Hamid II staunchly refused the offer saying, “It is not mine to sell. It belongs to the Islamic nation.”

This is how you govern.

Grade 9 American History 13,000 BCE to WWI:

Taken from A Woven Truth Volume 2

Page 40: The Bluefish Caves of Alaska show human habitation many thousands of years before the Clovis people.  Some say 24,000 to 13,000 BCE.  Meadowcraft Rock Shelter in Pennsylvania is dated 12,500 BCE, human remains on Santa Rosa Island are dated 11,000 BCE, and bark sandals from Oregon and an underwater city of pyramids in Wisconsin are both dated 8000 BCE.  The mound builders were around during this time in America and there is a definite connection of the Berbers of North Africa and the round, adobe kivas of the Aztecs of New Mexico. The land to be named America was teeming with life long before Columbus “bumped” into it in 1492 CE.

Page 42: 1 CE the time of Prophet Isa to 400 CE four kinds of mounds were being built in America and trade between the areas was rich: obsidian from Oregon, copper from Michigan, silver from Ontario, shells from Florida, Mica from North Carolina, and tobacco from the south.  300 CE there were circular pit houses in Arizona, and the Mogollon People of Arizona and New Mexico were well established seventy years before the birth of our Prophet (saw).

Page 91: President George Washington paid jizya to the Ottomans so they wouldn’t overrun his lands.

Pages 160-161: In 889 CE a Muslim man called KhashKhash ibn Aswad sailed from Andalucia across the Atlantic reaching America and bringing back maps and treasures, a full 600 years before Columbus set sail.

Pages 188 & 274 (Zheng He): Al-Kharwarizmi of the 9th century House of Wisdom in Baghdad had accurate maps of Hawaii and he wrote “here are the pearls” “hona lulu” over Pearl Harbor.  Also the name Hawaii means air or trade winds which constantly blow on these islands in the Pacific. Columbus used Al-Idrisi’s 12th century maps for his voyages to America. Zheng He, a powerful Muslim admiral of the Chinese navy sailed to thirty countries including America between 1371 and 1433.

Page 189 & 320: Piri Reis, commander of the Ottoman fleet in the 16th century made an accurate map of America in 1513.

Page 234: By the year 1000 to 1500 CE Cahokia of the Mississippi Culture in Missouri had a population of 50,000 or more, and the Anasazi had a 500 room structure in New Mexico.

Page 259: Abu Bakr II send four hundred ships to North and South America a full two hundred years before Columbus. When only one returned, Abu Bakr II sent another two thousand ships, including elephants in 1311.

Page 260: The Iroquois and Algonquins are believed to be a mix of Mandinkan blood from these Mali explorers.

Page 291: Timeline of the invasion of the Native American lands of America 1606 – 1626.

Page 296: Timeline of the invasion of the Native American lands of America 1616-1700.

Page 298: State of the invasion of the Native American lands of America 1830-1840.

Page 299: Slave trade from the time of Columbus to 1930.

Page 329: From the time of 1617 the European powers went to the “New World” North and South America and grabbed land and heaps of gold and silver, brought back to Europe through the gates of Spain.

Page 338: A man called Hajj Ali or Hi Jolli, as the Americans called him, was sent to the American Southwest from the Ottoman Empire with seventy of the empire’s best camels.  The US Army wanted to conduct an experiment to see if the camels could help them in the deserts of the Southwest.

Page 344:  By 1880 there were 20,00 Jews in Palestine and 230,000 in America.

Page 350-355: Timeline of the occupation of Native lands and other “American” history 1617 – 1917.


Taken From A Woven Truth Volume 3:

Pages 18-19: Sykes-Picot Agreement:

When an octopus slithers through the sea and hunts its prey, its many appendages seem to react independently, with their own agenda, but are completely subject to the governing force of their clever brain. Some live in deep, dark waters, rising up only to feed…

Mark Sykes and George Picot felt a greed which made them hungry for land, and so they put together a plan on December 16, 1915, for the dismemberment and ingesting of the weak Ottoman Empire. This borderless land was sliced into by Sykes and Picot long before the decisive WWI was over. T. E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, described Sykes as “a bundle of prejudice and only embracing aspects of the truth.”

If threatened, the octopus propels its body and shoots out an inky fluid, darkening the waters and confusing their aggressor. They can also change colors to blend in with their surroundings or to communicate with their own kind…

For the next few years there was a shifting of loyalties. Clandestine meetings were held with the powerful, emerging Zionists of England regarding their demand for Palestine as their new “homeland.” In an act of deeding what was not theirs to give, the British signed the Balfour Declaration of 1917 which essentially gave Palestinian land to the Zionists.

The British also made promises to Makkah’s Sharif Huseyn, promising him vast lands to be put under his control, as there was not yet something called “Saudi Arabia” or “The Middle East” at this time. You see, the British needed the Arab tribes to mobilize against the Ottomans, so they used Lawrence of Arabia to support them in this, making and breaking oaths in the process. They threw black ink into the waters of truth and shape-shifted to camouflage their seedy intentions. Betrayal and chaos ensued.

Octopi descend on their prey from above using powerful suction to pull their prey into their waiting jaws…

With the Arabs hunkered down like crabs in their shell, oblivious to the “monster of the deep” that was ready to pounce on them, a sliver of history that would change the world as we know it played out.

With absolutely no consideration for the economic viability of these new borders drawn by the Sykes-Picot Agreement, or the demographics of ethnic tribes being put under one “flag,” or the natural geographical barriers already in place, the French and British descended, each tendril adhering tightly to its promised booty of land. This led to sociopolitical instability and split the Arabs, Kurds, and all other nationalities in the portioned-off area into erratic and random boundaries not of their choice.

The Sykes-Picot Agreement led to new “countries” with puppet kings and a Middle East rife with both tension and a desperate fight for nationalism. This was the beginning of a century of weak Muslim lands, eventually leading to the Minor Signs of the Day of Judgement which follow.




Syllabus topics from the school are in bold and some events during these times which are relevant to Muslims then follow:


Term 1 Unit 1

Chapter 3 “The Development of Industrial America (1865-1914)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 21:

1886: History’s Whispers:

The truth is that the Statue of Liberty, purporting to be a U.S. symbol of hope for immigrants, actually began as a peasant Egyptian woman who would stand watch over the gateway to the Suez Canal. The designer was fascinated with the mammoth stone temples of Abu Simbel, which he visited in Egypt in 1855. Early models of this stature are called “Egypt Carrying the Light to Asia.” When the Pasha of Egypt, overwhelmed by the price of the work on the Suez Canal, declines Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi’s offer for the “peasant woman statue,” the designer turns to the U.S. and, after much fanfare and fundraising, Lady Liberty is unveiled in the New York harbor overlooking Ellis Island, the center for immigration to the US.


Chapter 4 “The Progressive Era (1890-1920)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Pages 21-23:

1893: Chicago World’s Fair has a mosque where the call to prayer is performed five times a day, along with a Temple of Luxor, shops, cafes and a theater.

1896: The Cairo Genizah is discovered – a repository of damaged and destroyed Jewish texts – with over 300,000 individual documents, many over one thousand years old. It is inclusive of Jewish and Muslim history. A shard is found with the story of the clay birds of Isa from the Qur’an. It still reveals its secrets to this day and contains variants of the Babylonian Talmud, a Hebrew account of the journey of Alexander the Great, and hundreds of others.

1900: In Ross, North Dakota, the earliest recorded communal prayers in the U.S. were held by a Muslim community.

1900: The Turkish Sultan brings the Hejaz Railroad from Damascus to Madinah and also installs a fax communication system.

1904: Muslim countries become part of the St Louis Fair, with scaled-to-size replica of the city of Jerusalem, including Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Mount of Olives, Mosque of Omar, and Dome of the Rock. Anis Hamwi, a Muslim from Damascus, introduces the ice cream cone at this historic fair.

1912-1941: Twelve mosques are established across America.

1912: First harvesting and marketing of the Deglet Noor date in California, laying the foundation for the flourishing date trade of today.

1919: Moorish Holy Temple of Science is relocated to Chicago. It is very loosely based on Islam, the Bible, Hinduism, and race mythology, building upon the Islamic residuals in the African American community. It promotes an African American economy.


Chapter 6 “World War I and Beyond (1914-1920)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 23:

1919: Lawrence of Arabia is shaped and made famous through cinema for the purposes of bringing interest to the U.S. involvement in WWI. British army officer Thomas Edward Lawrence was leading the Arab irregular forces and caught the imagination of a filmmaker and publicist commissioned to pique the American public’s mind concerning the war. It worked, and Lawrence of Arabia became a household word.


Chapter 7 “ The Twenties (1919-1929)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 24:

1920s-1930s: Ur, home to Prophet Ibrahim, is unearthed and categorized by Leonard Woolley, British archaeologist. He also finds mud from the Great Flood of Nuh.

1927: Medjool dates are introduced to California from Morocco in order to save the plants from extinction (a rare disease is killing them in their native country).

1928: Muhammadan Society of America and their mosque is established in Brooklyn, New York. These are Polish/Ukrainian immigrants.


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Term 2 Unit 2

Chapter 8 “The Great Depression (1928-1930)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 24:

1930: The Nation of Islam is founded amid the lynching and murder of African Americans in the US. It is loosely based on the Qur’an and the Bible.


Chapter 9 “The New Deal (1932-1941)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 24:

1931: First oil well is drilled in Bahrain.

Page 25:

1932: Bahrain Petroleum, part of Standard Oil of California, strikes oil.

1934: Most widely read English Translation of the Holy Qur’an by Abdullah Yusuf Ali is completed.

1935: Persia changes its name to Iran.

1936: King Faruq of Egypt is put into power.

1938: First marketable amount of oil is found in Saudi Arabia; Aramco is founded.


Chapter 11 “World War II (1941-1945)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 25: History’s Whispers

1942: Japan breaks every code the U.S. marines use in WWII in the Pacific. Twenty-nine Native American Navajos are called on to create a code with their language, which is mostly unwritten and not known by anyone but the Navajos. This code turns out to be unbreakable. Their numbers grow to 400 by 1945, and they are involved in every assault made by the U.S. against Japan from 1942 to 1945. Their initial code has 211 terms of Navajo words to represent the military situation. Toh-Dineh-ih was their word for ships, and it meant “Sea Force” in Navajo.

Page 26:

1945: The Indonesian Republic is proclaimed.


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Term 3 Unit 3

Chapter 12 “Cold War (1945-1960)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 26:

1947: Muhammad Asad led the Department of Reconstruction for the newly formed government of Pakistan, and eventually represented them in the United Nations. States of Hyderabad and Kashmir remained independent.

1947: Dead Sea Scrolls are discovered, describing an Essene community at the time of Yahya and Isa.

1948: The Muslim Brotherhood fights against Israel with Egypt, Syria, and Jordan.

1948: Cedar Rapids, Iowa is home to the first independently owned and registered Muslim cemetery in North America. It spreads over 4.5 acres.

1948: New York Times states that there are between 15.7 and 18.6 million Jews worldwide.

1950: The Moorish Science Temple has 10,000 members.


Chapter 13 “Postwar Confidence and Anxiety (1945-1960)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 27:

1950: The Moorish Science Temple has 10,000 members.

1953: Death of King Abdul Aziz. His eldest son, Saud, rises to the throne of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Prince Faysal ibn Abdul Aziz becomes crown prince and prime minister.

1955-1976: A major expansion of the Haram in Makkah begins.

1955-1959: Seyyed Hossein Nasr brings the religious faith back to Islamic studies in the U.S., challenging the colonialist approach to Islam in American universities. He teaches “An Introduction to Sufism” as a visiting lecturer at Harvard.

1960: OPEC or Organization of Petroleum Exporting Companies is founded.


Chapter 14 “The Civil Rights Movement (1945-1975)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 28:

1964: Cassius Clay, the youngest boxing heavyweight champion, changes his name to Muhammad Ali and joins the Nation of Islam in 1970. He develops Parkinson’s Disease, becomes an ambassador to the world, and is named a Messenger of Peace.

1967: The Nation of Islam has 100,000 members.

1967: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, holder of the record for most points scored in basketball, becomes Muslim. He enters the Hall of Fame in 1995.

1969: The Nation of Islam has 250,000 members.

1970: President of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, dies.

1975: The Islamic Circle of North America holds its first convention.


Chapter 15 “ Kennedy and Johnson Years (1960-1968)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 27:

1964: President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act. This opens the way for a flood of immigrants from Muslim countries.


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Term 4 Unit 4

Chapter 16 “The Vietnam War Era (1954-1975)”

Chapter 17 “An Era of Protest and Change (1960-1980)”

A Woven Truth Volume 3: Page 29:

1975: On the death of his father, Elijah Muhammad, Warith Deen Muhammad takes over the Nation of Islam and changes it to Sunni Islam. This becomes the largest mass conversion in America. Estimates are anywhere from 100,000 to 1,000.000.

1976: “Roots” is published about the author, Alex Haley, and his family’s history of slavery, prompting a searching of the African Americans of their “roots.”

1978: This U.S. Immigration Act allows 290,000 immigrants to come to America.

1979: The Iranian Revolution begins.

1980: Saudi gains full control of Aramco Oil Company.


Chapter 18 “A Crisis in Confidence (1968-1980)”

Post 1980: A Woven Truth Volume 3:


Page 29:

1982: The Islamic Society of North American is founded.

1986: A Committee on the Comparative Study of Muslim Societies is established in the U.S. by the Social Science Research Council.

1988-1995: There is a major expansion of the Haram in Makkah. It went from accommodating 500,000 pilgrims in 1955 to more than 2 million in 1995. Major extensions of the Prophet’s Mosque help to accommodate one million pilgrims.

1990s: The study of Islam and its civilization in the U.S. has taken a major shift from the effects of globalization and post-Cold War attitudes towards modernity.

Page 30:

1992: Forty-two percent of Muslims in America are African American.

1994: Pope wishes to visit Ur, home to Prophet Ibrahim, but by 1999 Saddam Hussein cancels the invitation.

1996: The Association of Theological Schools in the U.S. mandate that their schools progress toward globalization, including offering a few classes on Islam. By 2012, around forty schools have some programs to study Islam in a Christian context, such as comparative religions, interfaith, and some Islamic curriculum solely for the study of Islam.

1996: Major renovation of the Ka’ba is done.

Page 31:

2001: There are more than a billion Muslims worldwide, one sixth of humanity and at least two million Muslims visit Makkah for the pilgrimage each year.

2002: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill tries to require incoming freshmen to read and discuss Michael Sells’ Approaching the Qur’an: The Early Revelations. This is to help promote an understanding of Islam, but a conservative Christian activist group files a suit seeking an injunction to stop this, claiming the school is trying to make their children study Islam against their will. They lose the case in two courts.

2004-2005: Data collected shows that 79% of those teaching Islam in universities are non-Muslim, relatively young new graduates. Their expertise is mostly in Biblical, Jewish, or Indian religions. The most widely used book in 2004 is a translation of the Qur’an by a Jewish-Arab scholar, N. J. Dawood done in 1956, and widely believed to have inaccuracies in the translation.

Page 32:

2006: Keith Ellison of Minnesota becomes the first Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress.

2008: United Arab Emirates bans whale shark fishing in the Arabian seas due to threat of extinction.

2010-2012: The “Arab Spring” revolutions begin in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain.

2011: Egypt’s “Arab Spring” revolution was organized by the Muslim Brotherhood.



Page 33:

2014: There are 30,000 mosques in Central and Northern China, in an area larger than the state of Texas. 100 of these mosques were built before 1700.

2018: 3.6 million liters of camel milk is produced and sold in the United Arab Emirates.

Grade 11 – World History and Geography:

Syllabus goals: Course Overview- The purpose of this course is to give you, the student, a better understanding of the complex global community that we live and participate in on a daily basis. Throughout the semester, we will be looking at many aspects of our global community as they relate to political, economic, historical, geographic, religious, and culture themes as they relate to the past and present events of both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. The goal is that you will walk away from this course with a better understanding of the world around us and how it affects our everyday lives here in the United States.

A Woven Truth’s input on geography is in section 1, and world history in the form of the minor signs of the Day of Judgment is in section 2, with excerpts from timelines from the 1900s showing how these minor signs have all come and the major signs are all that is left to reveal themselves.

Section 1: Geography: Big Changes in the Middle East:

Pages 18-19: Sykes-Picot Agreement:

When an octopus slithers through the sea and hunts its prey, its many appendages seem to react independently, with their own agenda, but are completely subject to the governing force of their clever brain. Some live in deep, dark waters, rising up only to feed…

Mark Sykes and George Picot felt a greed which made them hungry for land, and so they put together a plan on December 16, 1915, for the dismemberment and ingesting of the weak Ottoman Empire. This borderless land was sliced into by Sykes and Picot long before the decisive WWI was over. T. E. Lawrence, aka Lawrence of Arabia, described Sykes as “a bundle of prejudice and only embracing aspects of the truth.”

If threatened, the octopus propels its body and shoots out an inky fluid, darkening the waters and confusing their aggressor. They can also change colors to blend in with their surroundings or to communicate with their own kind…

For the next few years there was a shifting of loyalties. Clandestine meetings were held with the powerful, emerging Zionists of England regarding their demand for Palestine as their new “homeland.” In an act of deeding what was not theirs to give, the British signed the Balfour Declaration of 1917 which essentially gave Palestinian land to the Zionists.

The British also made promises to Makkah’s Sharif Huseyn, promising him vast lands to be put under his control, as there was not yet something called “Saudi Arabia” or “The Middle East” at this time. You see, the British needed the Arab tribes to mobilize against the Ottomans, so they used Lawrence of Arabia to support them in this, making and breaking oaths in the process. They threw black ink into the waters of truth and shape-shifted to camouflage their seedy intentions. Betrayal and chaos ensued.

Octopi descend on their prey from above using powerful suction to pull their prey into their waiting jaws…

With the Arabs hunkered down like crabs in their shell, oblivious to the “monster of the deep” that was ready to pounce on them, a sliver of history that would change the world as we know it played out.

With absolutely no consideration for the economic viability of these new borders drawn by the Sykes-Picot Agreement, or the demographics of ethnic tribes being put under one “flag,” or the natural geographical barriers already in place, the French and British descended, each tendril adhering tightly to its promised booty of land. This led to sociopolitical instability and split the Arabs, Kurds, and all other nationalities in the portioned-off area into erratic and random boundaries not of their choice.

The Sykes-Picot Agreement led to new “countries” with puppet kings and a Middle East rife with both tension and a desperate fight for nationalism. This was the beginning of a century of weak Muslim lands, eventually leading to the Minor Signs of the Day of Judgement which follow.




Section 2: Signs of the Last Day that have occurred, and are ongoing, and yet to come.


Sign #1: The birth of the Prophet ﷺ  This is the first sign of the Day of Judgment

Sign #2: Thirty Imposters, liars, dajjal, who claim prophethood

Wars and Killing:

Sign #3: The Muslims will fight with the Turks

Sign #4: Wars between Muslims

Sign #5: Wars increase

Sign #6: Widespread killing

Sign #7: Excess of Wealth and greed

Sign #8: The conquest of Jerusalem

Tyranny and Weak Government:

Sign #9: Trust is Lost

Sign #10: Unworthy people are given authority

Sign #11: Muslim nations become weak

Sign #12: Tyranny and Oppression

Sign #13: The Conquest of Constantinople

Sign #14: Jizya and Kharaj no longer collected


Sign #15: Spread of trade

Sign #16: Nearness of markets to one another

Sign #17: The dust of riba will spread

Men and Women:

Sign #18: The female slave will give birth to her master

Sign #19: The abundance of women over men

Many women of childbearing age, but no births

Sign #20: Women will be dressed, but naked (Casiat ar Ariat)

Sign #21: Man obeys wife, disobeys mother

Sign #22: Son treats friend kindly, shuns father

Sign #23: Female singers and musical instruments are popular, and people dance late into the night

Sign #24: Men wearing silk

Sign #25: Men lay with men, and women lay with women

Sign #26: Men dress like women and women dress like men

Sign #27: Abortion

Knowledge and Manners:

Sign #28: Sharp decline in manners

Sign #29: Lying, cheating, and arrogance increase

Sign #30: False Testimony

Sign #31: Decrease of knowledge and ignorance will prevail

Buildings and Masjids:

Sign #32: Voices will be raised in the masjids

Sign #33: Decoration of houses

Sign #34: Compete to build beautiful masjids

Sign #35: Naked and barefoot shepherds will compete in tall buildings


Sign #36: Fitna enters every household

Zina and Intoxicants:

Sign #37: Intoxicants will be used in great quantities

Sign#38: Zina will be widespread

Sign #39: Obscenity and obscene actions widespread

Travel, Writing, and Qadr:

Sign #40: Great Distances traveled in a short span of time

Sign #41: Writing becomes prevalent

Sign #42: People believe in stars and reject qadr

The Earth:

Sign #43: Frequent earthquakes and natural calamities

Sign #44: Abundant rainfall but no growth

Sign #45: Acid Rain

Sign #46: Abundance of food, much if it has no blessings

Sign #47: Obesity will be global

Loss of Unity:

Sign #48: Giving the greeting of salaams to only those you know

Sign #49: The cutting off of family ties

Sign #50: People claim the Qur’an but deny the hadith

Sign #51: Last of the Ummah will curse the first of the Ummah

Sign #52: Iraq loses its currency, then Syria, then Egypt

Sign #53: Rum (the Romans) will be dominant

Deviation and Shirk:

Sign #54: Smog over cities from evil practices

Sign #55: Importing of non-Muslim servants

Sign #56: Shirk (worshipping idols) becomes widespread

Sign #57: Wishing for death

The End is Near:

Sign #58: Arabia becomes meadows and gardens again

Sign #59: Animals will speak

Sign #60: Sudden death

Sign #61: Convergence of time


A few examples of the timelines in Volume 3 from the 1900s to present day to show that the minor signs have truly all come:

Page 47:

Sign #2: Thirty Imposters, liars, dajjal, who claim prophethood

False prophet #22:

David Koresh, whose real name was Vernon Howell, made his claim as a prophet in the 1990’s. He and his eighty-five followers stood their ground against a massive operation opposing their “cult” in 1993. The Branch Davidians, as they were called, were an offshoot of the Seventh Day Adventists. The siege lasted for fifty-one days and Malcolm Gladwell, writing on the siege for the New Yorker, captures the sheer scale of the operation: “The F.B.I. assembled what has been called probably the largest military force ever gathered against a civilian suspect in American history: ten Bradley tanks, two Abrams tanks, four combat-engineering vehicles, six hundred and sixty-eight agents in addition to six U.S. Customs officers, fifteen U.S. Army personnel, thirteen members of the Texas National Guard, thirty-one Texas Rangers, a hundred and thirty-one officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, seventeen from the McLennan County sheriff’s office, and eighteen Waco police, for a total of eight hundred and ninety-nine people.”

Seventy-six of the eighty-five followers died in the onslaught, including David Koresh.

There are many, many more around the world such as Luc Jouret of Switzerland, and Elvis Mbonye of Uganda.  There will be more in the future, as it is a very lucrative business venture to claim divinity and prophethood. May Allah protect us.


Sign #5: Wars increase

Page 59:

History’s Whispers

1950-1975: The Korean War begins where North Korean communists invade South Korea. President Truman, without the okay of Congress, commits American troops to battle. The communist forces of North Vietnam are backed by China and USSR, and the non-communists of South Vietnam are backed by the U.S.. Vietnam is the richest source of natural rubber in the world, and is also rich in oil, natural gas, coal, iron ore, copper, and gold, showing that any “ideological reasons” for the war are just a cover for the real reason for the conflict. U.S. begins bombing raids of North Vietnam and drops three times the number of explosives as they did in all of WWII.



Sign #6: Widespread killing

Page 62:

 1890: The Wounded Knee Massacre is perpetrated. Chief Sitting Bull is killed two weeks before by American soldiers and Native Americans decide to have a Ghost Dance to gather their forces, although dances were banned for fear of an uprising. The government finds out and sends 7,000 troops with machine guns who surround Chief Spotted Elk, racked with tuberculosis, and the 350 dancers. Wanton killing leaves 200 Native American men, women, and children dead. Twenty soldiers are later given the Congressional Medal of Honor for this travesty. This represents the end of Native American resistance and the full conquest of the West by the occupiers, the American government. In 1973, 250 Sioux Native Americans and the American Indian Movement, tired of the oppression by the government and its people, station themselves at the South Dakota Pine Ridge Reservation, site of the first Wounded Knee genocide, demanding human rights and treaty rights. After 71 days, surrounded by a massive government military operation, assistant U.S. Attorney General Kent Frizzell signs an agreement to end the siege. This doesn’t end the oppression, but it mobilizes the Native American community after receiving some changes and concessions from the government. They also begin their own Native American radio station to get the truth out.



Sign #7: Excess of Wealth and greed

Page 66:

History’s Whispers

1840: There is a booming market for buffalo robes; many bison are herded off of cliffs by the settlers so that their fur may be harvested.

1870: Bison in the west are nearly wiped out by hide hunters. A quote by General Phil Sheridan, Indian fighter, to the Texas Legislature in 1875, “Buffalo hunters are doing more “to settle the vexed Indian question than the entire regular army.”  1500s: 30-60 million bison roam North America. 1872-1874: 5,ooo are killed every day with 5.4 million slaughtered. 1884: Only 325 bison are left. 2017: 500,00 now roam.



Sign #10: Unworthy people are given authority

Page 75:

History’s Whispers

1965-2020: A very short list of the countries in the world whose leaders accept the practices of money laundering, opaque funding, business lobbyists with power, offshore banking, foreign bribery, fraud, shady banking, embezzlement, and many other ills: Denmark, New Zealand, Finland, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg, Australia, Austria, Canada, Hong Kong, United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Belgium, Estonia, Iceland, Ireland, Uruguay, France, Bhutan, Chile, Ukraine, Nicaragua, Philippines, Nigeria, Serbia, Peru, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Mozambique, India, Myanmar, and Saudi Arabia. This list is in no way exhaustive.



Sign #11: Muslim nations become weak

Page 79:

1963: The Shi’ite prime minister of Iraq is said to have “threatened U.S. and British influence” so the CIA brings a plot to overthrow him. Saddam Hussein and his Ba’th (resurrection) party welcome Western oil companies. In a few years Hussein nationalizes the oil industry in Iraq, shutting out all foreigners. 1980: U.S. supports Hussein in his invasion of Iran. 1982: President Reagan removes Iraq from list of known terrorist countries so we can bring them military equipment and aid for their war against Iran. 1980s: U.S. sells Iraq military helicopters, computers, scientific instruments, chemicals and other supplies for their missile, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapon programs. The CIA supplies them with much-needed information so they can use chemical weapons on the Iranians and their own people, although this use of chemicals is illegal. U.S. vetoes UN Security Council resolutions to block this use. U.S. continues to send weapons-grade anthrax, cyanide, along with other chemical weapons there. 2003: The U.S. attacks Iraq, claiming a bogus connection to 9/11, a goal to free the Iraqi people, and a desire to “disarm Iraq of nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction, even though Hussein has allowed UN weapons inspectors in to verify that he doesn’t have any. Bush orders the inspectors out of Iraq so he can begin the invasion.” Big oil, who spends money to put Bush and Cheney into power in the first place, is the winner in the war. Everyone else loses. Twenty-five percent of Iraqis live in poverty. Four thousand four hundred U.S. troops lose their lives in this war so Big Oil can get bigger.


Page 81:

History’s Whispers

2012: Hosni Mubarak is forced to step down as president of Egypt after 30 years of rule. Muhammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood is democratically elected to the office. He makes a beautiful promise to the Egyptian people that they will own their own affairs, no corruption will be accepted, their religion will be saved, they will grow their own food, make their own medication and weapons, and that he will have the army defend Syria and Palestine from their oppressors. Tribalism takes over the people’s hearts, and his general, Abdel Fattah Sisi, deposes him after nine months, with the support of many Egyptians. Morsi and his son are killed in prison in 2019. After 8 years under Sisi, the people of Egypt now have thousands jailed, hundreds of mosques destroyed, prices are sky high, and if anyone speaks against him, they are killed or jailed. He has given away their land and natural resources, when they can’t find a piece of bread. It seems the people have spoken.



Sign #12: Tyranny and Oppression

Page 83:

History’s Whispers


1819-2014: Kashmir is conquered by a maharaja but falls to the British in 1846. It is then underhandedly sold to another maharaja for Rs 7.5 million. Muslim uprisings begin, as most Kashmiris are Muslim now. 1889, the leader loses power, and full power is restored to this regime in 1921. The split begins between ruler and ruled after the Ottoman caliphate is dissolved. A revolt happens in 1931 with 22 Muslims killed. Another revolt in 1946 leads to a Muslim government in exile in 1947. Even the leader of India at the time commented that the leadership of Kashmir “forced you [the Muslims] to lead a subhuman existence.” The Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 leads all to believe that they would finally be given their own leadership. Due to rules of partition, although Kashmir was majority Muslim, it had a Hindu leader, and it did have a common border of rivers with Pakistan, but its wishes to be part of Pakistan were ignored. It was ceded to India and revolts ensued. This issue was brought to the UN in 1948 by India, complaining that parts of Kashmir were being taken by the new state. UN sends a representative to solve the problem, but India refuses the plan for demilitarization. Major powers such as the U.S. will not move unless it suits their interests. The lobbyist for Kashmir is wrongly arrested in 2011 on the charge of working for the Pakistani government and, in an attempt to appease India, is given two years in prison. By 2014, 90,000 Muslims had been killed, over 100,000 had been injured, and over 10,000 went missing. Mass graves are uncovered frequently.


Sign # 19: Many women of childbearing age, but no births

Page 102:

History’s Whispers

1960s: Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania wants to increase population and so limits contraception and abortion, imposing a tax on couples older than 25 who are childless. In his bid to also increase industrialization, thousands of families move from villages to cities to take government jobs, abandoning their children to state-run, cold, and uncaring institutions. These children do not develop properly


Sign #29: Lying, cheating, and arrogance increase

Page 118:

History’s Whispers

1970s: The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), led by US-based Fetullah Gulen, originally proclaims to be an educational service organization, allowing them to infiltrate the state institutions such as the army, judiciary, security, and intelligence units of a country. Their ultimate goal, however, is to take power. This cult, closely controlled by their messianic leader, Gulen, are taught to use concealment and dissimulation. They operate with radical devotion and see themselves as chosen for this. They become masters of deception, conspiracy, and illegal activities.



Sign #30: False Testimony

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History’s Whispers:

2001: 9/11 – What really happened?

On September 11, 2001, at 8:45 am Flight number 11 hits the North Tower of the World Trade Center, Flight number 175 hits the South Tower at 9:03 am, Flight number 77 allegedly hits the Pentagon at 9:45 am, and Flight number 93 is shot down by the military in Pennsylvania at 10:10 am. Almost 3,000 die in the World Trade Center and subsequent demolition of the towers. 343 firefighters die instantly in the collapse.  3,700 instances of cancer are diagnosed in the aftermath. Bush is allowed by the Secret Service to stay in the school for 45 minutes with the kids he was reading to, with no panic, meaning they knew who was doing this carnage.

There are 115 lies of omission and distortion in the 9/11 Commission Report and 25 internal contradictions in the official story.

9/11 was done to promote the “war on terror” by big oil men, Bush, whose main agenda was to obtain Iraqi oil at any cost, and Cheney, head of Halliburton, supplier of war goods to the U.S. army, and others. The Iraq War, where no weapons of mass destruction were ever found, took the lives of thousands of Americans and over a million Iraqis. There were pre-9/11 plans to invade Afghanistan, land of trillions of dollars of rich natural resources. Another so-called benefit of 9/11 was that the U.S. was allowed to increase spending resources for national security over 50%. Between 2001 and 2004, spending on defense rose from 345 billion to 547 billion.

Their version is considered a sacred story; if questioned, this person is deemed unpatriotic. This is the same “my country can do no wrong” rhetoric that we see in American history books.

David Ray Griffin publishes his book in 2004 The New Pearl Harbor, the title being a reference to what the project of destroying the three buildings of the World Trade Center in New York on 9/11/2001 was called by the government. In 2008, as new evidence came up, he put out The New Pearl Harbor Revisited with 80 pages of sources for his work. Most of the following information is from this volume, just a small part of a very thick book filled with damning evidence against the government in these attacks:

2006: A Zogby poll indicates that 42% of the American people believe there is a cover-up of some sort. A Scripps Howard/Ohio University poll states that 36% of the public believe that federal officials either participated in or took no action against the attacks.

Different organizations under the umbrella of the 9/11 Truth movement: Scholars for 9/11 truth, Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice, the Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven, Veterans for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth, and Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth now number 3,376 and 28,994 public voices have signed on to the movement.

In May 2001, two medical clinics in the Pentagon hold a training exercise about “an aircraft, a 757,” crashing into the Pentagon. Two years before 9/11/2001, NORAD (The North American Aerospace Defense Command, a United States and Canada bi-national organization charged with the missions of aerospace warning, aerospace control and maritime warning for North America) has drills using jets as weapons. One of the targets was the World Trade Center. One month before 9/11, the Pentagon has a mass casualty exercise involving the evacuation of the building after it was hit by an airplane, yet on the exact day that this supposedly happens, no one is evacuated. March 2001, Program one of a new television series, The Lone Gunman, had 13 million views and is based on a group in the U.S. government crashing a remote-controlled 747 into the World Trade Center.

The real facts about the flights:

Flight 11, which hit the first tower, the North Tower: Any plane off-course should have prompted a call to the military, which was done by FAA at Boston Logan by 8:20 am, and the plane should have been intercepted. Even though protocol was claimed by the military to not have been followed by the FAA, with disastrous results, no one was ever reprimanded. There was no interception because a stand-down order had been given.

Flight 175, which hit the second tower, South Tower: The military knows about the hijacking by 8:43 am, but there is no interception prior to contact with the tower by the plane at 9:03 am. Lies and deception on the part of the military cause a disastrous 6-minute delay. The second flight, on its way to the twin towers, should have been shot down by a missile to protect the innocent. Blame is wrongly put on the FAA flight controllers, but none are fired or even reprimanded.

Flight 77 and the Pentagon: First, it was shown that there were no phones on this plane capable of calling the ground from such heights, so phone calls from this flight were faked by voice morphing technology. Second, pilots are all trained to send a certain code as soon as they know of a hijacking. Also, there was only two supposed small-framed hijackers against 2 pilots (one of them a bodybuilder) and 60 plus passengers. Despite this, the hijackers couldn’t be stopped?  No plane hit the Pentagon, as there was no damage except a blown-out hole with an outward trajectory, and there are witnesses that say a bomb went off from the inside at ground level. No plane with an engine could target something on the ground floor where the hole was. There was also no debris of a plane, although some from the government falsely claimed it turned to a gas on impact.  Additionally, the flight pattern needed to hit such a tight area was deemed too difficult for an experienced pilot, if not impossible, so how can we believe that amateur hijackers were able to succeed in this task? One was such a bad pilot that the flight instructors refused to go up with him.  85 cell phone videos were confiscated from the area, and after checking with those in charge of the earthquake watch in the area, there was no seismic record of any crash. Alarms were turned off in that section of the Pentagon, so no warnings were sounded.  The area of the Pentagon hit was the financial area, not where the generals and all sensitive personnel were, and, oddly enough, one week prior, Rumsfeld had announced that money had gone missing from the Pentagon (2.3 trillion dollars, to be exact). All records were destroyed in the supposed “crash,” so all evidence was also destroyed. Unfortunately, 125 people were killed by their own government.

Flight 93 in Pennsylvania: Claims of phone calls from this flight talking about ambushing the supposed hijackers aboard were faked, voice morphing technology was used. Cell phone technology didn’t allow for phone calls from planes until 2006. Experts say that over 30,000 feet, the supposed height of the airplane, no cell calls would have been possible. Again, no debris was found, no smell of gasoline, no luggage, no bodies, no carnage at all at the site, just two giant holes six miles apart with tiny debris spread over many miles.

Pilots are trained to feed in a hijack code of 7500, which takes a few seconds, at the first signs of any hijackings, yet not one pilot did this.


The investigations and reports:

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce in the Bush administration.  They put out an “official report” on the tragedy, which is riddled with lies, distortions of scientific knowledge for partisan political ends, according to 12,000 scientists who read it. They are a group of hired guns obedient to the “front office.” Also, certain stocks were purchased in the stock market before the strikes, which indicates that these investors had information about the 9/11 happenings before they even occurred.

In the 1964 files of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, it says that, after structural analysis of the Twin Towers, they were said to be safe from collision with a large airliner (Boeing 707 DC 8) traveling at 600 mph. This could only cause local damage, not collapse. Both planes which hit the Twin Towers were only going around 500 mph. NIST overlooked this report and followed the government’s story of the planes contact causing the collapse.

Eyewitness accounts abound of hearing and seeing explosions on the lower floors of the towers, including 25% of the firefighters who reported explosions. Materials shot out horizontally, including 700 bone fragments found on the roof nearby. If the only supposed sources of destruction were gravity and fire, why were the fragments found so small and so far away if there was not any explosions? Thermite and thermate (thermite with a sulfur additive which lowers the temperature at which steel melts) are widely used by the military to cut through steel beams. These substances cause temperatures of 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit. Rivers of steel that flow like lava are found running from the beams of all three buildings, and some had totally melted. Experts said it would take something around 2000 degrees F to cause this, not just a much lower burning fire many stories above them. NIST ignored this in their “official report.”

Mayor Rudy Giuliani states to a newscaster that “they were told that the towers were going to collapse” before they did so. Collapse of all three World Trade Center buildings was a 7-second, perfectly symmetrical free fall, reported by many experts in the field of architecture and demolitions as akin to a professional demolition. Over 3,000 expert architects have signed on to this opinion using their professional observations and by studying the facts around the fires and collapse of the buildings.

Building 7 collapses in the late afternoon, but the first explosion happens around 9:15am. Both towers are still standing; building 7 doesn’t go down for many hours, so any reports that this building collapsed because of the twin towers are untrue. It did have a clean gash down its façade which, according to experts, could have only been made by a source of major destructive power from the inside. There are many eyewitness reports of explosions. Giuliani also says this building would collapse well before it did, and BBC puts out a report 30 minutes before it collapses that it was going to go down.


Osama bin Laden and the supposed hijackers:

Osama bin Laden and the hijackers are never really involved in the incidents on 9/11. If the U.S. really wanted to “capture him,” he was in Dubai’s American Hospital in July 2001 and was being visited by a local CIA agent stationed there from the U.S. He is also allowed to escape from Tora Bora by the powers that be. The FBI finally admits later that they have no hard evidence that he was ever involved in 9/11.

There have been strong connections between the Bush family and the Saudi Arabian government for years. Any evidence that Saudi Arabia funded Al Qaeda is removed and not spoken about. Criminal investigations by the FBI against some in the U.S. government doing money laundering, illegal arms sales, and illegal drug activities are shut down by the State Department. One witness says these crimes were ongoing since 1997 and were 100% related to the 9/11 attacks. The #3 person at the State Department releases 911 suspects being investigated at the request of those in the government.

Many of the “alleged” hijackers are still alive after the attacks. Those listed on the FBI list of hijackers (supposedly devout Muslims ready to die for Islam and meet their Lord) are seen drinking heavily and mixing deeply with women at strip clubs. Muhammad Atta was actually living with a stripper and using cocaine in Florida in the months leading up to 9/11.

Passports mysteriously show up at the fake crash sites, as if, at the last moment of the flight, the passport jumped out the pocket of the hijacker of flight 93 in Pennsylvania and flew out the window and was saved intact at the site, where the official story of why there was no debris is that the plane was allegedly buried in the soft sand at the crash site. There is undated and falsified airport security footage released on the news putting pictures of the “hijackers” at the airports before the Twin Towers were hit, radio messages from the plane were used as proof that they were on the planes, flight manifests were released much later with the Middle eastern names on them. Many of these names are part of an earlier operation by the government called Able Danger, identifying Al Qaeda operatives in the US, but this project is mysteriously shut down in 2000 after one of its officers tries to set up a meeting with the FBI to track these men; this individual is immediately transferred to Latin America. After 9/11, he finds the names of these men, supposed Al Qaeda operatives, on the list of the alleged hijackers.

The dream world of the 9/11 Commission Report:

The head of the 9/11 commission, Phillip Zelikow, is part of the Bush administration, and already has an outline ready for the report of the commission before the first time they ever meet. The staff is not allowed to contact the commission itself, all contact has to go through Zelikow. He is co-author of a report in 1998 called “catastrophic terrorism.” It speaks of an attack on the World Trade Center and how that would shift thoughts and minds from a pre-9/11 mindset to a post-9/11 mindset.  This, unfortunately, comes true.

There is much controversy and an open door to attack countries rich with natural resources. Evangelical Christians make more of an effort to send missionaries to Muslim countries as a result of 9/11, and interest in Islamic courses goes up 50% in Harvard Law School after 9/11.



Sign #36: Fitna enters every household

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History’s Whispers

1995: The capacity of the world’s underground fiber cables has grown 100-fold. By 2001, one fiber-optic cable has more capacity than all orbiting hardware combined. More than 96% of computers connected to the Internet are in the wealthiest nations, home to only 15% of the world’s population. The latest transatlantic cable can transmit 30 million phone calls across the Atlantic in one second. 35 million miles of fiber lace America, much of it dark, as telecommunication executives were swept along by the booming Internet. Fiber optic Link Around the Globe (FLAG) network stretches out from its London base 51,600 miles around the world.



Sign#38: Zina will be widespread

Page 138:

History’s Whispers:

The 1960s sexual revolution and its consequences

1960: Teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and other serious issues of our times were not among the major public concerns until the late 1960s. An abrupt shift in attitudes and behavior began among the Western youth, with a mantra of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. That movement went on to revolutionize the moral climate in much of the world. The modern trend of sexual imagery and language in popular culture continues to promote loose attitudes toward sexual relations with billboards and advertisements. The Internet, social media, and ease of travel keep this movement crossing geographical and political borders and is crushing religion and any positive cultural remaining in the world.

Sex education, also not a topic of major concern before the sexual revolution, began in the United States and Europe. It was widely believed that greater sexual freedom would lead to greater happiness, but it only brought misery and social and health problems, causing psychological and emotional scars leading to anxiety, low self-esteem, suicidal tendencies, divorce, and family breakdown.

The 1950s was a time of relative family stability in the United States where two-parent families were normal. People were expected to remain chaste until marriage, and most couples were faithful to their marriage vows. Because of little or no premarital counseling there was some unhappiness opening the door to an emphasis on self-fulfillment, and the “me” movement popularized in the 1970s and 80s.

The steep climb of mass media and the entertainment industry tore apart traditional views, and this and new contraceptives shook the world with its challenge to traditional values. Rising pornography, divorce, single-parent families, welfare dependency, drug abuse, and youth crime made the steep climb with this permissiveness.

In the 1950s, there were only two sexual diseases of note worldwide: syphilis and gonorrhea. Other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) were known only to prostitution. Modern doctors have now identified more than 25 kinds of STDs. According to the World Health Organization, “More than 1 million people acquire a sexually transmitted infection (STI) every day,” and “Each year, an estimated 500 million people become ill with one of 4 STIs: chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and trichomoniasis.

Among sexually active American girls aged 12 to 16, there are six times as many attempted suicides as among virgin girls of the same age range. They are 18 times more likely to leave home prematurely, 9 times more likely to be arrested by the police, 5 times more likely to be suspended from school and 10 times more likely to abuse drugs. Of course, where there is money to be made the media is not far behind, and they began glorifying this new immorality, since it boosted sales of products, movies, and music.

Today, young people are bombarded by a highly sexualized environment, making them doubt the truth of purity as the peaceful way of life.




Sign #41: Writing becomes prevalent

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History’s Whispers

1923: Kahlil Gibran writes prose and poetry that brings solace to millions. His most famous work is The Prophet, written in 1923. He comes to Boston from Lebanon and, by twelve years old, is already a vocal philosopher. The Prophet has sold tens of millions of copies and has been translated into one hundred different languages.




Sign #43: Frequent earthquakes and natural calamities

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History’s Whispers

1930-1936: Overproduction of wheat, a full 32 million acres dug in the “great plow up”, and the drought and high winds that follow, cause the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, known as the Dust Bowl. By 1932, there are 14 dust storms and by 1933, there are 38 dust storms. 100,000,000 acres from Texas to North Dakota are decimated, the carnage eventually reaching the whole country. Black Sunday in 1935 displaces 300 million tons of topsoil. Chickens roost during the day, thinking it is night, trucks are blown forty feet down the road, and seeds are blown out of the ground by the force. 2.5 million residents become refugees. Multiyear droughts return in the 1950s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Page 149:

History’s Whispers

2011: A 9.0 earthquake in Japan, the fourth most powerful in the world, shakes its cities for 3 to 5 minutes. Two hundred square miles of coastal land are damaged by waves of a tsunami over 38 meters high, the height of a 12-story building which moves 6 miles inland. The U.S. Geological Service says that this earthquake shifted the Earth on its axis. 20,000 are dead or missing and another 500,000 have to evacuate. Damage to the Fukushima nuclear power plant releases radioactive material on the scale of Chernobyl, even into the Pacific Ocean. Total cost of the disaster is 360 billion.



Sign #49: The cutting off of family ties

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History’s Whispers

2012: The average cost of a wedding in Egypt in 61,000 Egyptian pounds, when the average income is 3,700 Egyptian pounds. One bride spends 80,000 Egyptian pounds just on the kitchen and other needs for the apartment, meaning that she has to save up for years for this. Many cannot marry at all or marry into their 30s, which is a great shame in their culture.



Sign #53: Rum (the Romans) will be dominant

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History’s Whispers

1886: Johannesburg, South Africa is launched by the discovery of gold. Officials sent to South Africa in 1652 by the Dutch East India Company, give the Dutch a foothold there that continues to this day. Called “Afrikaner” they are of mixed blood, although many whites there reject this title. By 1988, 2.6 million Afrikaners make up more than half of South Africa’s white population, but less than 10% of its total population. They hold nearly all top government and military positions. After a war with the Zulus in 1948, apartheid is instituted by the white Boers.

Page 165:

History’s Whispers

1931: General Smedley D. Butler states, “ I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was just part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it.”   “I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912 (where have I heard that name before?). I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.”

Page 166:

History’s Whispers

1979: Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) gains power, and the leader of this group becomes its first prime minister for the next 33 years, Robert Gabriel Mugabe. His oppression begins against any rival groups. Any corruption in his cabinet is tolerated as long as they are loyal to him. The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) is formed to fight him. He opposes them and 700,000 lose their homes and livelihood. Mugabe brings his country to economic collapse. His dictatorship continues until 2013.



Sign #54: Smog over cities from evil practices

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History’s Whispers

2002: Tokyo Bay shrinks through reclamation for industrialization, ultimately destroying a once flourishing fishing industry. A catch of 1,600 tons of sardines has dwindled to a mere 200 tons. Dredging and filling takes fully one-fifth of its surface. 90% of its natural shoreline is buried under fill. Post WWII there is a vision of becoming the next New York City bringing them only the industrialized world’s biggest national debt. Six thousand homeless litter Tokyo’s streets.

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