Table of Contents Volume I


Unit 1- An Islamic Perspective on Pre-History

Section 1: Before Creation

Section 2: What Came Second? The Big Bang in the Qur’an

Story: Creation, The Wise Man, and the Student

Section 3: What Came Next?  The Order of Creation

Fascinating Facts: Einstein’s Theory

Section 4: Were There Species on Earth before Adam?

Section 5: The World of the Jinn

Section 6: Adam and the Pre-Flood Civilization

Part 1: His creation

Story: The Root of the tree of Humankind – Adam

Part 2: Proposed Timeline for the Twenty-Five Prophets in the Qur’an

Part 3: Adam and Hawa Descending - Archeological Facts

Section 7: Adam and his children (?) to 14,000 BCE

Section 8: A Son of Adam Given Prophethood: Sheeth, Music, and the Archeological Facts – Between One and Three Thousand Years from Adam

Section 9: Between Four and Five Thousand Years from Adam

Section 10: Between Six and Seven Thousand Years from Adam

Section 11: Idris, Third in Line of Prophets, Fayoum

Section 12: The Precursors to the Pyramids

Fascinating Facts: The Origins of Pyramids and Mounds 8000 BCE


Unit 2: Nuh and Life before the Sumerians

Section 1: Timeline: Life on the Fertile Crescent Pre-Flood: Adam to Nuh

Section 2: The Rise of Idol Worship in the World

Section 3: Nuh and His Sons-Sam, Ham, Japheth, and the Great Flood 

Story: The Wise Man and the Student- Nuh and the Flood

Section 4: Stories of Adam and Hawa in Sumerian Culture

Section 5: Connecting the Dots from Pre-Flood to Post-Flood


Unit 3:  Aad and Thamud - the Semites of Arabia

Section 1: The History of Aad

Section 2: The Rise and Fall of the Aad

Story: Mahih of the Tribe of Aad

Section 3: Aad II: Those Whom Allah Saved 

Section 4: Thamud: The Next Generation of Aad

Section 5: A Sign of Allah: The She-Camel and the Road to Destruction

Story: The Cry of the She-Camel

Fascinating Facts: Camels

Section 6: The History and Lineage of the Sumerians


Unit 4: Prophet Ibrahim

          Section 1: The Progression of Cultures Post-flood

Section 2: The History of Ur: The Likely Birthplace of Prophet Ibrahim 

Story: Pagan Processional- Following the “Trail of the gods”

Section 3: Ibrahim, the Khaleel or Friend of Allah

Story: The Tree that Binds

Section 4: Early Prophethood and the Coolness of the Fire

Section 5: Ibrahim’s Visit to Babylon and Nimrod the Tyrant

Section 6: The City of Harran: A Lesson to the Sky Worshippers

Section 7: The Pre-Dynastic Pharaohs of Egypt

Division of Time in Egyptian History

Short Synopsis of The Old, Middle, and New Kingdoms of Egypt

Section 8: Ibrahim, Sarah, and their Journey to Egypt

Story: Hagar and the Third Lie

Section 9: Jerusalem: Who Was There First?

Story: The Wise Man and the Student-Jerusalem

Section 10: Ibrahim, “The Father of Prophets”

Part 1: Ibrahim’s Marriage to Hagar

Part 2: The History of Mecca

Part 3: Hajj and Hagar Through the Eyes of a Convert

Story: Hajj and the Convert

Section 11: The Legacy of Ibrahim: Ismail and Ishaaq


Unit 5: Lut and the City of Sodom

Section 1: History and Location of Sodom

Part 1: The Economy of Sodom

Part 2: The Deviancy of Sodom

Part 3: The Angels Come to Town

Section 2: The End of Sodom as told by Daghootha, The Daughter of Lut

Story: Daghootha’s Narrative

Section 3: Archeological Evidence for the Complete Destruction of Sodom


Unit 6: Stonehenge, the Indus Valley, and China

Section 1: The Building of Stonehenge

Section 2: The Indus Valley- Its History and Demise-A C R O S T I C Poem

Fascinating Facts: Hinduism birthing Buddhism in India

Section 3: China - Beautiful and Plain, Tolerant and Repressive

Story: Its Turbulent History as Told by the Emperor’s Sage


Unit 7: The Ibrahimic Legacy Continues with His Sons

Section 1: Ismail the Gentle: His Beginnings and Mention in the Qur’an

Story: Hagar and Ismail’s Wife

Section 2: The Unyielding Submission of Ismail

Story: A Sacrifice Worthy of Jannah!

Fascinating Facts: The Ram Horns

Section 3: The Building of the Kaaba

Fascinating Facts: the Ebla Tablets

Section 4: Ishaaq, the Prolific Seed of Virtue

The Family Palm Tree of Ibrahim – Tracing the Prophets

           Section 5: Ebla, Hud, and Hammurabi: The “Code of Laws”


Unit 8: Yaqoob – The Imperturbable Patriarch

Section 1: Yaqoob - His Birth, Childhood, Banishment, and Return

Part 1: Yaqoob’s Twelve Children - The Tribes of Bani Israel

          Section 2: Yusuf-From Slave to Vizier-His Many Trials

Story: Living in Egypt in the Time of Yusuf

Story: Yusuf and Benjamin, A Conversation that Could Have Been

Section 3: Historical Narrative for the Time of Yaqoob and Yusuf

                     Part 1: The Voice from the Yemeni Grave - Proof of the Famine

Section 4: A Mosaic of the Known World 5000 BCE to 1000 BCE

                     Part 1: Crete – Early Greece and the Minoans

                          Part 2: The Alps - 4000 BCE and Beyond

                         Part 3: The British Isles – 12,000 BCE to 2100 BCE

                      Part 4: From Sumer to Peru – Pre-Inca to 3000 BCE


Unit 9: Shu’aib, Ayub, and Dhul Kifl

Section 1: Shu’aib and the People of Midian

Story: Wael and the Story of Shu’aib

Section 2: Ayub (Job) – The Perpetually Patient Prophet

Section 3: Dhul Kifl – Bishr, Son of Ayub


Unit 10 Part 1: Musa and Harun

          Section 1: Young Musa’s Trip Down the Nile

Story: Musa’s Sister Follows Him Down the Nile

Section 2: Asiya, the Adopted Mother of Musa

The Peal of Laughter Heard in Jannah


Part 1: The Royal Arranged Marriage


Part 2: The Daughter of Pharaoh, Her Hairdresser, and the Declaration of Faith

Part 3: The Sweet Bliss of Persecution

          Section 3: The Culture and Times around Musa’s Birth

Section 4: Musa’s Accidental Slaying and His Refuge in Midian

Section 5: The Gift of Prophethood and the Burning Bush

Story: The Brambly Bush Speaks

Section 6: Musa and Harun go to Pharaoh

Section 7: Magicians to Martyrs

Story: Thethi the Magician’s Conversion

Section 8: The Plagues and Royal Promises Broken

Section 9: Qaroon the Treacherous vs the Cousin of Pharaoh, a Noble Believer

Section 10: The Exodus and the Splitting of the Waters

Part 1: The Leaving by Night of Bani Israel

Story: Reuben Crosses the Parted Sea

Part 2: The Pharaoh Makes Chase


Unit 11 Part II: Musa and Bani Israel

Section 1: Pharaoh on Display: Remains to be Seen!

                        Part 1:  Maurice Bucaille and the Mummy- A Conversion Story

Section 2: The New Kingdom in Egypt-History of the 18th Dynasty

Section 3: Bani Israel: The Children of Yaqoob “The Chosen”

                    Part 1: The First Betrayal

Part 2: Food and Water in the Desert

Part 3: Refusal at the Gates of Jerusalem

Section 4: The 10 Commandments, Golden Calf, and Defiant Hearts

Story: The Wise Man Sees

          Section 5: The Sins of the Sabbath

Section 6: The Heifer, the Dead Man, and Hardened Hearts

Section 7: Musa and Khidr-The Explanation of Good and Evil

          Section 8: Musa and the Angel of Death

                    Part 1: How Bani Israel Vexed Musa

                    Part 2: The Angel of Death Loses an Eye

                    Part 3: Hadiths Regarding Musa in Paradise

Section 9: The Hittites, the Assyrians, and the Kassites in the New Kingdom 1500 BCE

Section 10: Prophet Yushua: The Successor of Musa and Harun

Part 1: The Day the Sun Paused

Part 2: The Joshua Tree in the Mojave Desert

           Fascinating Facts about Qiblas

          Section 11: Origins of the Semitic Languages

 Section 12: Timeline of Bani Israel

 Section 13: Bridging the Gap Between Musa and Dawoud 1500-1000 BCE

Part 1: The Origin of the Americas-The Olmecs, the Dogon of Africa         and The Native Americans

                    Part 2: The Collapse of the Bronze Age Civilizations


Unit 12: Dawoud, Suleiman, Ilyas, and Al-Yasa’

A Line of Prophets to Bani Israel

Section 1: Dawoud, the Melodious Shepherd Who Would Be King

Part 1: Jalut of the Philistines

                    Part 2: Talut (Saul) of Bani Israel

Part 3: The Defeat of Jalut

Story: Hasrun Narrates Dawoud’s victory over Jalut

Part 4: The Early Kingship of Dawoud: Succeeding Talut

                    Part 5: Archeological Evidence for the Kingdom of Dawoud

Part 6: The Death of Dawoud

         Section 2: Encircling the Domain of Dawoud: Damascus, Gaza, and Ammon

         Section 3: Suleiman, Son of Dawoud

                     Part 1: Suleiman, the King

                     Part 2: Suleiman, the Prophet, and Al-Aqsa

                    Part 3: Suleiman, the Gifted

Story: The Truest of Fairytales, The Magical King

                     Part 4: Suleiman’s Army and the Queen of Saba


                    Part 5: Steeds and Deeds-Suleiman and His Horses


Part 6: Transporting on the Whirl of the Wind

Part 7: Domesticating Demons-His Power Over the Jinn

                    Part 8: Suleiman’s Judgment: Venerable Verdict

Story: The Wise Man, The Student, and the Myth of Suleiman’s Magic

Part 9: The Deferred Death of Suleiman

Fascinating Facts: The Island from Mars

 Socotra off the Coast of Yemen

Section 5: Ilyas and Al-Yasa  

Preachers of Truth to Bani Israel 900 BCE

          Section 6: Ohio at the Time of Dawoud, the Adena Culture


    Unit 13: Yunus (Jonah)

Prophet of the Waves

Story: The Dwelling Place of Yunus

          Section 1: The Assyrian Empire 3000 BCE to Yunus 800 BCE

Section 2: Yunus Warning His People, His Leaving, and Their Repentance

Section 3: Yunus and the Whale: Repentance and Redemption

Section 4: Under the Shade of Gourds: His Healing and Return

Section 5: The End of the Assyrians

Fascinating Facts: the History of Polo

          Section 6: Timeline between Yunus and Isa 874 BCE to 1 CE


Unit 14: Zakariya, Yahya, Maryam, and Isa

Story: The Wise Man and the Christians

          Section 1: The History of Rome, Tiberius, and Herod

                     Part 1: Rome and Herod

                     Part 2: Pontius Pilate

                     Part 3: Maryam

                     Part 4: Isa

          Section 2: Sayings of Isa from the Islamic Tradition


Unit 15: Non-Muslim Testimonials about Prophet Muhammad


         Appendix: Sources for Volume 1 and Picture Attributions