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Before Covid hit, I was honored to have "A Woven Truth, The Seeker's Guide to Ancient Human History Volume I"  be part of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California's annual retreat on the beautiful Queen Mary with ninety Islamic school principals, teachers, and administrative participants.. I also presented "A Woven Truth Volume I" to a group of Islamic school leaders, administrators, principals, and teachers from around the country at the Islamic Schools League of America at their annual retreat. The book was very well received and generated a lot of excitement.  There were comments like, "There is nothing out there like this to teach our Muslim youth the real world history."  Most wanted to put this fascinating book into their curriculum for the next year.  

For the Educators:

Wondering how to fit Volume I into your curriculum?

Click Here for Table of Contents - Volume I

Click here for the Table of Contents - Volume 2:

Click Here for Sample Quizzes from an Islamic school for 6th, 7th and 8th grades - Volume I 

Click Here for PowerPoint - Grade 6

Click Here for PowerPoint - Grade 8

Click Here for Timeline Comparison, "A Woven Truth" and "their" history books

Click Here for much more useful curriculum for Volume 1

Click Here for lesson plan for 6, 7, 8, Region 1, Volume 2

   Comments on “A Woven Truth” Volume 1 from a teacher in another country who is using it for her curriculum:

You have put everything together so nicely and written Volume 1 so beautifully. Your book is one of my best resources of info.

I am personally fascinated by all the archeological references in your book and I do love the stories you have written from the perspective of the burning bush and the ram that Allah sent to Ibrahim to slaughter.

“One activity we did with Mohenjo Daro was writing our own acrostic names poems, using yours as an example. They enjoyed that a lot. Writing for personal expression gets very short shrift, in fact so does reading anything the least bit imaginative, which is why your stories are so good for them. And so beautifully written. I love them. I am thinking to bring more of your work into the high school curriculum for the older girls. Your work is groundbreaking for me. I hope to someday in the not too distant future publish some kind of ESL version of what you have done. Your book would be the teachers' companion resource to it. I would market that to some of the private schools here where there is maybe some concern about a real, quality education.” 

Comments on “A Woven Truth” Volume 2:

“Now that I've opened the book I'm even more excited! It looks like a masterpiece, Loretta. May Allah reward you and keep your work for you as a great reward, here and Hereafter. I read the first chapter and all I can say is "Wow". MASHALLAH. I love it.”