Volume 3 is in the works-Post WWI to the Hereafter, so look for it in November...

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Attention Educators!

Weaving A Woven Truth into your curriculum has never been easier.  Click Here for sample syllabi for Social Studies, grades 6, 7, 9, and 11.  As a supplement to the standard textbooks, it is a breath of fresh air and a much needed foundation for our children to build their Islamic knowledge on.  Fill in the gaps left by the textbooks now in use in many Islamic schools. Be part of the solution of finally incorporating a shot of Islamic pedagogy in our schools.  May Allah bring the truth to our youth, ameen.  


And, for those seekers looking to

shore up their Islamic knowledge!

Finally, the Volume 3 ebook is here.  Open it to find a complete list of the minor signs of the Day of Judgment, complete with timelines from the 1900s, a peek at the major signs yet to come through intensely realistic stories, and a first-person account of what happens to humans after death... 

Volume 2 narrating the history of the Islamic dynasties, which begins where Volume I left off, is bolder and more colorful, and it continues the tradition from the time of Isa to the fall of the Ottomans, and is jampacked with narratives of the Islamic dynasties as you have never seen them.  Woven from over a dozen sources, each of which had a piece of the pie, but none nearly as complete as Volume 2 of "A Woven Truth", it fills the missing gap in history from the fall of Rome to the Renaissance. 


Get your own copy and discover books that reveal the history around the prophets from Adam to Jesus, using archaeological digs to show a theory of Adam's descension to earth and the prophets in historical context, our vibrant Islamic dynasties, and the end times on this planet. Let's give our Muslim Ummah their legacy of hope, truth, and justice. These books will change the way you view history!

All my books are enriching reading. Order one, find a spot with plenty of quiet, and let your knowledge blossom!

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Here is my new fiction book, due out in the winter.  So, get comfortable and warm, as it promises to be an Islamic Blockbuster you won't be able to put down, complete with a journey from New Age to Islam, nanotechnology, and the light of death.  Watch for it! 

YouTube teaser for Volume 1

YouTube teaser for Volume 2


An Interview with Ruba Qewar, who does wonderful work with new converts, about my conversion and publications

My newest interview with Eddie from

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