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Volume 2 narrating the history of the Islamic dynasties, which begins where Volume I left off, is here and ready for distribution.  Bolder and more colorful, it continues the tradition from the time of Isa to the fall of the Ottomans, and is jampacked with narratives of the Islamic dynasties as you have never seen them.  Woven from over a dozen sources, each of which had a piece of the pie, but none nearly as complete as Volume 2 of "A Woven Truth", it fills the missing gap in history from the fall of Rome to the Renaissance. 

Click here for the Table of Contents - Volume 2:

(The ebook version of Volume 2 is coming soon)


In addition, before Covid hit, I was honored to have "A Woven Truth, The Seeker's Guide to Ancient Human History Volume I"  be part of the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California's annual retreat on the beautiful Queen Mary with ninety Islamic school principals, teachers, and administrative participants.. I also presented "A Woven Truth Volume I" to a group of Islamic school leaders, administrators, principals, and teachers from around the country at the Islamic Schools League of America at their annual retreat. The book was very well received and generated a lot of excitement.  There were comments like, "There is nothing out there like this to teach our Muslim youth the real world history."

Most wanted to put this fascinating book into their curriculum for the next year.  


Get your own copy and discover books that fill in the history around the prophets from Adam to Jesus, using archaeological digs to show a theory of Adam's descension to earth and the prophets in historical context, and our vibrant Islamic dynasties. Let's give our Muslim students back their legacy of hope, truth, and justice. These books will change the way you teach history!

All my books are enriching reading. Order one, find a spot with plenty of quiet, and let your knowledge blossom!

For the Educators:

Wondering how to fit Volume I into your curriculum?

Click Here for Table of Contents - Volume I

Click Here for Sample Quizzes from an Islamic school for 6th, 7th and 8th grades - Volume I 

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Click Here for PowerPoint - Grade 8

Click Here for Timeline Comparison, "A Woven Truth" and "their" history books

The time has come for a fresh look at history. One where the narrative of Western tradition and multi-hued strands of Islamic history are intertwined to bring to you “A Woven Truth”.

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