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A YouTube teaser for my fiction book

Welcome from the Author

Welcome from the Author

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A Woven Truth Trilogy


Presentation for Volume 1

Volume 1 Table of Contents

and Sample Pages 


Presentation for Volume 2

Presentation for Volume 3

Coming Soon...

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Here is my new fiction book,

due out in the summer. 

So, get comfortable

and cool, as it promises

to be an

Islamic Blockbuster

you won't be able to

put down, complete with a journey from

New Age to Islam, nanotechnology,

and the light of death. 

Watch for it! 

"This series of books fills in a gap in social studies classes that has too long been filled with secular sources that frequently ignore the role of religion and spirituality in the development of humanity.  Sr. Poisson has written an important contribution to help students see the history of our world through the lens of believers who see the Hand of Allah in the historical record, and not just a series of random events.  I would recommend schools and parents get this series to showcase how our beliefs are an actual part of the real world - and always have been."  -


Yahiya Emerick, author of  "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Islam" 


The Trilogy all bundled up