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Welcome to the portal onto a slice of writing spanning almost two decades.  Through words put to paper, expression is given sight with which the reader can follow along on the journey taken to faith. 

If one wants to know the beginning of the trail, book number one, "Between a Pyramid and a Hard Place" takes the reader on a wild ride to Egypt and a New Age practitioner whose heart was opened to Islam. This one is not for the faint of heart...      It is only available on Amazon, used.

"Interview with Death", book number two, speaks to deep reflection around this topic and gives a first-person account around the stages of death, resurrection and Judgment Day.     $16.00

What about the ardent and faithful followers of our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)? "Unearthing Hidden Jewels", book number three, takes a snapshot of over thirty different male and female companions, bringing forth their best qualities for all to share.  The "Did You Know" sections between each one highlight the Golden Age of Islam.     $16.00

Books number four, five, and six are titled "A Woven Truth", Volumes 1 & 2 &3, and are behemoths next to the other three.  With a full almost 400 pages each of pure history blasting onto the scene to fill in the gaps other history books leave to the imagination, they captivate with the story of Adam and the timing of his possible descension, the prophets of the Abrahamic faiths in their trek through history, the peopling of the Americas, and then complete the narrative all the way through to the Ottoman Empire, and then World War to the Hereafter and so much more.     If you want to read about these books, please go to the Book Page.

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